Top 9 Zipline Parks In Monteverde For Your Next Adventure Trip

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If you always wanted to go bananas on a super long Tarzan Swing in Costa Rica, then the Zipline in Monteverde original canopy tour is pretty crazy enough for anyone. 

The Monteverde canopy tour of Costa Rica is the zipline capital of the world as it’s the origin of zip lining designed for beginners, adventurous, families and nature-loving visitors.

Enjoy zipping and swinging 328 feet (more than 100 meters) above the cloud forest. Challenge yourself, glide along the lush Monteverde rainforest from above and feel the adrenaline rush.

Zipline Tour In Monterverde

Some of the world’s best zipline parks, which dates back to the 1970s can be found in the lush cloud forest of Monteverde in Costa Rica. 

Although most of the ziplines are pretty intense, the canopy tour is appropriate for age 8 and above except for obese or pregnant visitors. You’ll undoubtedly have a blast on your first zipline adventure, rappelling and more while on vacation in Monteverde. 

Having said that, the Monteverde zipline experience will also result in stronger relationship with your love ones, increase confidence, forge unforgettable memories and enjoying the best time of your life.

There are four top operators in Monteverde who are pretty much pioneers in zip lining, offering a variety of experiences. Some of them can be found in prominent surf camps in Costa Rica

  • Extremo Park: Aerial and underground Superman-style Tarzan swing with 21 platforms (4km zipline)
  • Selvatura Park: For first timer and the most beautiful zipline park in Monteverde
  • Sky Adventure Park: For family with young kids with automated zipline brake system
  • 100% Aventura Adventure Park: Most exciting Monteverde zip line adventures for families with youngsters

So while you’re trying to zipline from your bedroom window to a tree at your backyard, here’re 9 motivations for first time visitors to take on the Monteverde zipline tour.

1. Soar Over Fascinating Cloud Forest

As you climb up to the zipline platforms and start soaring through the sky, you will witness the surrounding tranquility of nature at its best. 

While you glide through the lush rainforest, you will totally experience trails of fauna and Costa Rica’s wildlife in their natural habitats high up in the trees’ canopy.

Having said that, you can take pictures of these unique Monteverde forest habitat in between the different zipline runs. All in all, you will have a constant adventure of being close to nature.

While you may be able to experience different outdoor activities in Jaco, there is something pretty special about exploring the beautiful cloud forest from above.

2. Challenge Yourself

A zipline escapade can be both physical and mental challenging. Physically, ziplining will demand you to hike through different terrain, climb various obstacles, and use your endurance to move along the stages.

While this outdoor activity requires physical strength to maneuver around, you also need inner soundness and willpower for this epic adventure. 

You will need mental resilience to push your way along the cable courses and overcome fears that you may have on heights. 

3. Feel The Adrenaline Rush

If you love the feeling of adrenaline, experiencing the Monteverde original canopy tour is the experience for you! The thrill and exhilaration experienced on this adventurous journey is something you have never before felt as a first timer.

Once you begin your adventure and hike through the various tours, you will feel a new form of excitement.  To add to the initial excitement, a ziplining adrenaline rush kicks in after standing on the platform and being prepared to be zoomed through the sky.

Once you glide through the sky and ascend through the various other courses that this experience offers, the natural high will continue. Ziplining is pretty great if it sounds like the ultimate experience for you, your family and friends.

4. Build Up Self-Esteem

 Zipline canopy tour in Monteverde demands both physical and mental strength. As you begin your ziplining journey, eventually you will grow your self-confidence that is required to complete the courses.

The fact that you were able to complete the feat, and overcome any fears is something that you will be able to carry with you for years to come.

When you get home from this amazing vacation, you will have immense confidence to tackle any obstacles and even try other exhilarating outdoor activities on your next vacation such as canyon river rafting.

5. Build Strong Relationships

When you Google ziplining options, you will discover tons of group tours available. You can make booking for large group (family and friends) to bring them together for a bonding vacation.

Whoever you bring along to share this adventure, the experience is bound to build strong relationships.  Stronger bonds will form after the group experience challenges together while on the zipline tour.

After the event is over, discussing it with others will help you feel more connected to them. Plus, ziplining will allow your friends and family to cheer each other on while moving throughout the courses.

6. Collect Beautiful Photographs

On the original canopy tour of Monteverde, you can take beautiful pictures while zipping above the cloud forest. The flourishing trees and exotic wildlife are all things that you are bound to encounter throughout your adventure.

Capturing this unique experience is a must-have. After you return home with these photographs, you will have many memories to show your family and friends.

Additionally, the photos can be posted on social media or put into a vacation photo album, which can be cherished by you and those you were with for years to come!

7. Burn Calories

While you’re on vacation, burning calories might not be at the forefront of your mind. Instead, an outdoor vacation is a perfect opportunity to experience new things and have fun while doing them.  

Zipline in Monteverde will allow you to fit in a workout that is fun to do with stunning scenery. When exploring the fascinating terrain, you will be walking, hiking, climbing and using your physical strength to maneuver along the courses.

When contemplating the various features offered such as tree climbing, a swinging and a rappelling, you’re bound to get in a proper exercise routine through all the ziplining stages.

8. Safety First

Attempting the Monteverde zipline canopy tour while on vacation is also considered pretty safe. It’s totally secure due to the many safety precautions implemented by the licensed operators.

You will have access to top quality ziplining equipment to ensure your safety from any mishaps. Some examples of these safety measures include helmets, harnesses, lanyards, pulleys and carabiners.

The helmet will ensure that your head is completely protected throughout the tour. The harness will allow you to safely attach to the cables before ziplining through the sky.

Lastly, the lanyards, pulleys and carabiners will assist with pulling participants throughout the zipline stages to ensure a totally safe passage.

With the help of an experienced Costa Rica travel expert (like these guys, although there are many others), you are ensured that safety is always their first priority when zipline in Monteverde is concerned.

9. Create An Unforgettable Experience

While you are on vacation, there are several different activities besides ziplining in Monteverde that you can choose to do with your family and friends. 

But nothing beats the experience where you can challenge yourself physically and mentally, see beautifully sceneries from up above, build self-confidence and create stronger relationships.

Zipline in Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience, and due to various factors, you are bound to have amazing memories to cherish and share in the years to come.

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