The Best Vietnam Beach Getaways And Island Resorts To Visit

Vietnam beaches are one of the best island escapades in South East Asia comparable to tropical destinations such as Phuket, Bali and Cebu for example. A dream destination for beachgoers from all over the world.   

There are also tons of Vietnam resorts with amazing beaches, most of them with different concept, unique local food and they’re all pretty captivating catering to all travelers.

Some of them are volcanic, others stretch for miles. Vietnam beach getaways offers spectacular sea view as well as best islands to visit for sun, sea and sand. All are super relaxing and within easy reach to the mainland.

It’s no surprise that Vietnam has so many gorgeous beaches with a coastline that extends for nearly 3260 kilometers from Northern Mong Cai to South-west Ha Tien district.

Best Time To Visit Vietnam Beaches

Vietnamese beach go through different seasons; from the chill winter sea to the hot summer months. However, summer is the time when the beaches are at their prime with clearer water and cooler breezes.

South Vietnam has a tropical climate, so yeah, it’s warm with low humidity due to heavy and short rainfall. The areas temperatures ranging from 21 – 33 degrees and best visited in the dry months. 

South Vietnam’s dry season runs from November – April with little rainfall and sometimes days and weeks you can enjoy the weather without rain.

Best Beaches In Southern Vietnam

Nha Trang Beach

A longstanding favorite rank first among the finest beaches in Vietnam is the crescent-shaped Nha Trang beach.

Nha Trang is known as the Vietnamese Riviera for its six-mile long shoreline of white-sand beach, blue waters and famous 5 Star sea cruises.

This location is one of the most popular Vietnam beach holidays for tourists and locals for its clean sandy beach and pleasant year-round temperature.

Tran Phu Street, often known as the Pacific Coast Highway of Vietnam is arguably the most picturesque street in Nha Trang beach town.

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Where To Stay

Liberty Central Hotel, Nha Trang

Liberty Central Hotel, Nha Trang: The huge bright suites with magnificent ocean views offers its own piece of private beach, rooftop bar, and open-air swimming pool are among the hotel most appealing amenities. It comes with a beach-view bathtub too. 

The location is excellent and the services are outstanding. Clean and modern rooms from where you can watch the sunrise and sunset from the comfort of your own room.

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The best beach for activities I would suggest….

Doc Let or Zok Let Beach is located 50km from Nha Trang, but without the crowds. The beach is somewhat narrow with a 10-kilometer stretch shoreline of brilliant blue waters flanked by palm trees.

Aside from being home to Vietnam’s first certified diving center (Rainbow Divers) and a plethora of soft coral reefs and caverns to explore underwater, beachgoers can try wakeboarding, kite surfing and banana boat excursions as well.

Meanwhile, for those who like to stay on land, there are plenty of resorts and restaurants around beach city that serve up chill out beach drink of your liking.

Some of the best Vietnam beach resorts can be found here as well as attractions like water parks and amusement center, both in the city and on offshore islands.

The Vinpearl Cable Car, the longest cable transfer system with a height of 40m connects the mainland to Hon Tre Island’s (Bamboo Island) five-star resort and theme park.

Bottom line:

Nha Trang beach city offers the ultimate fun in the sun tropical vacations for any type of travelers especially family vacations. From nearby Doc Set for tranquil beach getaway, to beautiful attractions at Yang Bay Eco Park.

Visitors heading to Vinipearl Island resort theme park are spoilt for choices with countless activities and super scrumptious local food. The resort’s services are excellent as well.

Phu Quoc Beach

Phú Quốc Beach is situated on the largest island in Vietnam and located in the Gulf of Thailand off the country’s southwest coast closer to Cambodia.

The island state consists of the main island and 21 minor islands. There are a number of five-star hotels and resorts here.

Phu Quoc International Airport was built in 2012 serving top domestic and International airlines.

It is definitely one of the best beaches in Vietnam, said to have the whitest snow-white powdery sand in the nation and some of the finest sunsets for a great tropical vacation.

Phu Quoc Beach map

Given that its name translates to Star Beach (because of tons of starfish you’ll encounter while snorkeling), it pretty much makes sense. Bai Sao beach is still a lovely stretch of sand to stroll along and swim.

Forest and villages and towns that were previously impossible to reach have now become accessible thanks to newly built roads. There are many beautiful beaches and surrounding islands to choose from, each with its own personality.

But sadly, much of Bai Sao is currently scarred by development and construction, together with hordes of tourists has wreaked havoc on the natural environment and it’s beach. 

The north and east coasts of Phu Quoc are currently the only areas of the island that aren’t undergoing major changes and relatively undisturbed by tourism. 

So yeah, because Phu Quoc’s north and east shores see less visitors than the south and west coasts, it’s pretty much cheaper to spend your dream Vietnam beach holidays. 

Best idyllic beach & budget-friendly resorts I would suggest….

Ganh Dau beach is a rocky outcropping with a 500 meter stretch of powdery sand and crystal clear waters on Phu Quoc’s east coast is another hidden treasure.

There are various seafood restaurants as well as a quant fishing village and fantastic views of the Cambodian islands, making this beach location my favorite vacation spot.

The water is calm and turquoise and coconut trees grow tall over sandy spits of white powdery sand. You may also find a secluded beach for your liking and just relax.

Close to the end of the route heading east of Ganh Dau beach town along the coast lies bungalow style budget-friendly Vietnam beach resorts which is great for a weeklong stay.

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne, located 220 kilometers east of Ho Chi Minh City, is a beautiful fishing town and popular tourist destination.

Many consider this to be Vietnam’s best beach because of its undulating sand dunes, calm sea, swaying palm trees and pleasant beach weather for the most of the year.

It’s a great spot for beach activities such as windsurfing and kitesurfing and it’s also a nice spot for a beachside massage available along the stretch of beach.

There’s tons of restaurants, boutique stores, and resorts nearby if you become tired with the beach scene (if that’s even possible)

Where To Stay

Mui ne Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort and Spa

Victoria Resort & Spa, Phan Thiet: Most of its competitors lack the space and tranquility that this remarkable resort offers.

The resort offers more than 50 beautiful brick and thatch bungalows set amid lush tropical gardens on a long stretch of palm-fringed beach.

The concept features traditional Vietnamese architectural traits, combined with accents of French colonialism and modern conveniences. All rooms have own patio and an outdoor shower.

Best Vietnam Beach Resorts

Six Senses Con Dao

The Con Dao archipelago, 230 kilometers south of Ho Chi Minh City and approximately 45 mins away by air. This island getaways is totally shielded from non residing visitors.

The archipelago comprised of 16 hilly islands and islets, the biggest is Con Son which is pretty amazingly inhabited. This dream destination conceals some of Vietnam’s most quiet and unspoiled beaches.

One of the most luxurious 5 star Vietnam beach resorts, Six Senses Con Dao, offers sensational beach villas with its own private infinity pool including a stretch of beach and stunning ocean views.

You can expect to discover a number of ultra-private, absolutely gorgeous beachfront resorts here to enjoy an ultimate chill-out Vietnam beach vacation.

Dat Doc Beach, where guests of Six Senses Con Dao can totally enjoy a secluded uncrowded length of the beach is one of my favorite Vietnam beach escapes. 

The bay is pretty wide to spend a day swimming, strolling along it’s long coastline with beautiful view of offshore islands. It’s so super isolated that there are no beach umbrellas, deck chairs or shady trees.

Nevertheless, a sunset stroll along the shoreline is extremely calming and serene, making this resort the best vacation spot for couples and those looking for a totally relaxing time.

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Four Seasons Resort

vietnam beach resorts

Hoi An beach town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is regarded as one of Vietnam’s most picturesque and historic cities. 

There are plenty of things to do in Hoi An such as walking the narrow alleyways in the old town, biking through green rice farms in the countryside, taking exquisite cooking class or simply savoring Vietnamese food while relaxing on the lovely beach.

Stay at the Four Seasons Resort (The Nam Hai) on the fringes of the World Heritage-listed harbor town of Hoi An for a touch of luxury.

The exclusive resort is located on a kilometer-long private stretch of Ha My Beach, a prominent beach on Vietnam’s culturally rich central coast. Forbes magazine named it one of the top beaches in the world.

With its rich foliage, big cascading swimming pools, azure waters and white sand beach, the Nam Hai is totally stunning. Relax at your ocean-front villa while watching the sea shimmer or get active on the beach by kayaking.

Take advantage of the opportunity to see the ancient port town of Hoi An with its centuries-old merchant shops, renowned lantern-lit streets and busy promenades along the Thu Bon River.

Vietnam is a travel destination that you always hear about and also hear good things about it’s people. It has been voted the top 9th place on the list of the most beautiful countries in the world.

And it is very much a part of the country’s best islands and beautiful resorts that people will want to visit at least once in their life time for a truly fascinating Vietnam beach vacation.

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