7 Charming And Astonishing Cities Near Amsterdam, Netherlands

The fascinating cities in Netherlands are not only home to numerous National Parks, hiking routes, beautiful flower parks and gardens but incredibly gorgeous beaches as well.

You could experience Amsterdam’s locals unparalleled hospitality anywhere you go, whether you’re dining at a community eatery, going on a hike or biking on the coastal dunes.

The bottom line is that, with abundant of travel places to visit in the Netherlands and picking a safe vacation destination in mind, the nation is one of the best European cities to visit.

best time to visit netherlands

The best time to visit the enchanting cities in Netherlands is throughout the whole of March. For instance, the weather in Amsterdam city is among the nicest in all of Europe and suitable for all types of travelers. 

Due to the lovely weather, March (Spring in Netherlands) is one of the best seasons to visit, whereby the temperature is at 5°C and maximum 19°C from March to May. 

As it’s a semi-shoulder season, most tickets and lodging are pretty affordable which make your vacation places to visit in Netherlands much cheaper and less crowded.

  • Peak Season: June – August
  • Off Season: December – February
  • Shoulder Season: March – May / September – November

best things to do in amsterdam

While you’re on vacation in Amsterdam city, spend some refreshing time at the most picturesque Spring flower park on earth. Keukenhof gardens is a flower blossoming fairyland (7 millions bulbs planted) and spans 32 hectares in size.

Keukenhof park is also known as the gardens of Europe with beds of flowers that will take your breathe away. Probably, one of your best outdoor vacation spots to go on your next Amsterdam trip.

The sprawling park only opens from March 23th to May 14th 2023 at this point of writing. So yeah, if you’re in need of a floral aromatherapy, visiting Keukenhof tulip gardens might pretty much do the trick.

With its delightful weather conditions, there are other fascinating places to visit like the country’s highest volume of windmills in Zaandam. Here’re my top 7 recommended cities to visit in Netherlands.

best vacation spots

The Hague Netherlands

Besides being the third biggest city in Netherlands, The Hague (Den Haag) serves as the country’s capital as well as the residence of the royal family.

The Hague, which is located near the North Sea is also home to various government agencies, embassies and headquarters of several prominent international organizations. 

It’s really a city rich in culture and history, several notable art galleries, as well as a plethora of attractions and tons of shopping centers, alongside age-old museums.

One of the outstanding places to visit is Peace Palace, which host the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the International Court of Justice, two of the most significant courts in the world.

The Courts in the Peace Palace (built in 1899 and open in 1913) assist in preventing billions of dollars worth of devastation and losses from war by resolving disputes such as International boundaries on land, marine borders and sovereign territory.

Judge Joan E. Donoghue of the US is the current president of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which has 15 judges from various nations.

You can find online guided tours just like walking tours in Reykjavik, garden tours and events organized by Peace Palace’s website on the links provided here.

Top things to do In The Hague

  • World’s biggest Eurasian Tong Tong Festival
  • The Mauritshuis residence is the most beautiful museum in Hague
  • Panorama Mesdag offer a painting from the 19th century 120 meters long and 14 meters tall, showing the historical sand dunes of Scheveningen
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beach getaways at Noordwijk Netherlands

Noordwijk is situated at the heart of South Holland in the west of the Netherlands. At the time of the 2010 census, the municipality had an overall population of 42,859 people living on a land area of 74.94 square kilometers (28.93 square miles).

With miles of flower fields, Noordwijk experience an explosion of floral and color in April to May. You can view tons of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils everywhere you turn.

Up to 100 different varieties of Dahlias are in full bloom in the garden of Keukenhof Castle until mid-October. You can cycle along the path and handpick a bunch of them at the flower farms.

At this point of writing, you can check out Noordwijk from 13th-14th of August 2022 and watch the colorful flower parade rides throughout the streets of Rijnsburg and Katwijk.

Top things to do In Noordwijk

  • Rent a bike with a good cause – Lemonbike Organization
  • Participate in yoga courses at the beach
  • Keukenhof walking route
  • Book a pavilion at Alexander Beach Club
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Zandvoort’s white sand beach is just a short train ride from Amsterdam city and a brief 200-meter stroll from the railway station.

This recommended beach resort in Netherlands may also be reached by automobile and there are plenty of parking spots available at all time of the day.

Walking or biking across the dunes around Zandvoort is a great way to get to know the area. The beach is where you’ll find the best places to stay and Beachhouse Hotel Zandvoort is one of the top choices.

Top things to do in Zandvoort

  • Drive at Circuit Zandvoort
  • Hike at Zuid – Kennemerland National Park 
  • Biking across the dunes
cities in netherlands
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The eastern Dutch city of Almelo is a municipal of about 72,000 people. Almelo is located in the undulating Twente countryside in the immediate vicinity of both Enschede and Hengelo.

Centrally located, Huize Almelo is a castle that dated all the way back to 1662. This historic hunting circuit begins at the Almelo-Nordhorn Canal and extends for 3.5 kilometers.

Affectionally known as the “City Of Water”, one of the worthwhile things to do is walk along the scenic Water Path Route which flanks the famed waterways.

This route takes you along the city’s most well-known canals as well as those outside of it. At Café Belgi and De Waag, you could rent canoes and kayaks for a small fee.

Top things to do In Almelo

  • Beeklustpark is a great place with much greenery and a peaceful atmosphere
  • De Hoop is a windmill with parking places nearby and a small shop inside
  • Visit shopping streets and interesting marketplace
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Domburg is a coastal town in the Dutch province of Zeeland, located on the northwestern shore of Walcheren and the community of Veere is located approximately 11 kilometers northwest of the city.

Unlike other cities in Netherlands, Domberg is the only beach town in Netherlands that fulfills the requirements of the European Spa Association for Thalassotherapy.

Manteling van walcheren is one of the rare oak woodlands that is pretty close to the shoreline. There are tons of pathways for biking and trekking around this picturesque landscape.

For a memorable couples vacation, take a leisurely stroll along the lovely coastline with a magnificent ocean view (sunset). The best thing is, there are no ships or vessels in sight to spoil your relaxing experience.

The tourist office provides maps and notes for hiking, although they are only available in Dutch. You will need to use Google Translate to translate into English or to your local language.

Top things to do In Domburg

  • Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum
  • De Manteling van Walcheren
  • Terra Maris garden museum
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Groningen, one of the Netherlands’ most beautiful rural cities is situated at the confluence of the Winschoterdiep and Hoornsediep canals.

As a result of its strategic location on these vital waterways, this charming city in Netherlands has long served as an important port for shipping along the North Sea.

If you are a foodie, this is one of the remarkable cities in Netherlands to visit for its traditional ‘eierbal’. It has a crispy exterior that resembles a large croquette with a layer of risotto and an entire egg inside.

Before you leave Gronigen, at least sample the beer and bread, purchase some pasta and witness the mill (Grain Republic) turn oats into oatmeal.

Top things to do in Groningen

  • Walking tour across the Old Town’s Rainbow village with many old squares and colorful buildings
  • Martinikerk Church is a basilica constructed in Baroque-gothic style in the 13th century and offers a great view from its tower
  • Groningen Museum is one of the oldest buildings in the city and displays several technologically advanced art galleries
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The 17km long Renesse’s shoreline with broad pristine beaches and intriguing museums is a lovely beach town. During summer, it has the longest hours of sunshine in the Netherlands.

Around this time of the year, Renesse is visited by a diverse range of tourists. This eco-friendly town attracts families, couples, elders and young beachgoers.

This picturesque beach town was awarded the International Blue Flag tittle numerous times. When you consider that Renesse beach is 17km long, you won’t be surprise that it’s the largest of the Dutch islands on Schouten-Duiveland.

Those who travel from the north or the south will pass through Brouwersdam and the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier respectively as they make their way to the super clean sandy beach.

Top things to do in Renesse

  • Stroll across the white sand beaches for a beautiful tan
  • Try local cuisine such as the Eastern Scheldt lobster
  • Visit the 14,000 ha salt water Lake Grevelingen with tons of watersports


  • Keep an eye on the ticket’s prices to fall prior to purchasing them closer to the date of your actual trip.
  • It can be a little chilly at night, so bring some warm clothing in addition to your summer attire.
  • Include an umbrella if you are staying till May incase you experience rainfalls.

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