Top 10 Exciting Places In Singapore To Visit With Family

Welcome to the vibrant city of Singapore, one of the top places to visit for the whole family. So why is Singapore an exceptional vacation destination for families?

Singapore boasts tons of attractions with no shortage of fun and excitement for family with children of all ages. With well-maintained parks, pedestrian-friendly streets and excellent public transport, exploring the city with kids is a breeze.

You can find affordable accommodations, ranging from resorts with kid-friendly amenities to cozy boutique hotels. It’s efficient public transportation system (MRT) make Singapore an easy vacation destination to explore.

From action-packed theme parks to fascinating wildlife reserve, Singapore offers a plethora of family-friendly vacation places to explore that will leave everyone in awe.

So, gather your loved ones, pack your bags, and get ready for an unforgettable family vacation in Singapore. Here’re 10 of our favorite fun-filled vacation spots for the whole family.

1. Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios is a world-class theme park located on Sentosa Island. It offers an exhilarating experience with various movie-themed attractions and rides, based on popular films and franchises.

Visitors can purchase Universal Studios Singapore tickets to access thrilling adventures like the Transformers Ride, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and the Battlestar Galactica roller coasters.

The park also hosts entertaining live shows and character meet-and-greets, creating a memorable experience for all ages.

Address: Resorts World Sentosa

2. Wild Wild Wet

Dive into a splashing good time at Wild Wild Wet, Singapore’s largest water park! This water wonderland offers a thrilling adventure ensuring hours of family fun.

Brace yourself for thrilling rides like the Kraken Racers, Royal Flush and Torpedo. Whether you seek adrenaline-pumping rides or kid-friendly attractions, Wild Wild Wet caters to all ages.

 You’ll surely have a rollin’ good time with a splash-tastic experience at this locale. Be sure to grab your Wild Wild Wet tickets to book your entry and have a super fun time.

Address: Wild Wild Wet, 1 Pasir Ris Close.

3. S.E.A. Aquarium

Singapore family vacation

While visiting Sentosa Island, check out the S.E.A. Aquarium. It’s one of the largest marine exhibit in the world, offering an immersive experience to explore the wonders of the ocean.

You can visit this expansive aquatic haven boasting over 100,000 marine creatures, representing 1,000 species, residing in more than 40 diverse habitats.

The aquarium’s educational displays and interactive exhibits provide insights into marine conservation and the importance of preserving underwater ecosystems.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway

4. Bird Paradise

Head to the newest attraction in Singapore, Mandai Wildlife Reserve’s enchanting Bird Paradise, home to thousands of species of birds like American flamingoes, Papuan hornbills and King penguins. 

As the largest bird park In Asia, it offers unparalleled wildlife encounters, captivating presentations and entertaining shows for the whole family.

The best part is that Bird Paradise provides a free shuttle service between the Entrance and Central Plaza, making it convenient for all visitors. Plus, with unlimited rides, you can fully enjoy your time at the sanctuary.

Bird Paradise offers various services to accommodate visitors with different needs, including family with little ones, or individuals with limited mobility. These services are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Address: Bird Paradise, 80 Mandai Lake Road

5. Hydrodash

places to visit in Singapore

Sentosa is a pretty vibrant and idyllic resort island. This tropical paradise features pristine beaches, thrilling theme parks, luxurious resorts and exquisite dining options for you to stay longer.

Bounce into the ultimate water adventure at Hydrodash, Singapore’s exclusive floating aqua park. Conquer its inflatable floating obstacle course for a day with cool platforms such as Action Tower XXL, The Flip and Monkey Bars.

Address:  Hydrodash, Palawan Beach

6. Singapore Zoo

Nestled in Mandai, the Singapore Zoo attraction invites you to witness over 2,800 fascinating animals from across the globe.

Get up close and personal with majestic elephants, observe playful orangutans swinging through the trees, and encounter a captivating array of species in their natural habitats.

This iconic attraction prides itself on providing animals with spacious and enriching environments, ensuring a truly immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply looking for a fun day out with the family, the zoo promises unforgettable encounters.

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd.

7. Singapore Flyer

singapore flyer

The Singapore Flyer is a prominent landmark and a giant observation wheel located in Singapore’s Marina Bay. Standing at an impressive height of 165 meters, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline, iconic landmarks and the sparkling waters of Marina Bay.

The Singapore Flyer provides visitors with a remarkable experience, combining awe-inspiring vistas with state-of-the-art capsules that rotate slowly, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.

It’s a popular attraction for both tourists and locals alike, offering a unique perspective of Singapore’s beauty and a memorable way to appreciate the city’s vibrant energy.

Address: 30 Raffles Ave.

8. Singapore Science Centre

The Singapore Science Centre is a premier educational institution and beckons learners of all ages with its captivating exhibits, interactive activities and mind-blowing immersive shows.

Engage in hands-on experiments, unravel the mysteries of the universe and discover the wonders of innovation. With Singapore Science Centre tickets, you can unlock the gateway to boundless learning and endless excitements.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to delve into the captivating world of science, where you and your family might learn something new, while having a brilliant time on vacation in Singapore.

Address: 15 Science Centre Rd.

9.Night Safari

Embark on a thrilling adventure into the mysterious world of nocturnal creatures at the world’s first Night Safari. Yep, right here in Singapore!

Climb aboard a guided tram and get up close and personal with fascinating animals that come alive under the moonlit night. As you journey through the park, keep your eyes peeled for free-range animals wandering freely in their natural habitat.

Marvel at the majestic Malayan tigers, spot the elusive clouded leopards and be enchanted by the gentle Asian elephants. Watch in awe as graceful Nile hippos glide through the water and catch a glimpse of the elusive pangolins.

Address: Night Safari, 80 Mandai Lake Road.

10. Singapore Botanic Gardens

singapore travel places

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and step into a world of enchantment at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This magical oasis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site welcomes families with open arms, offering a haven of greenery amidst the urban jungle.

Explore the lush gardens, discovering the wonders of nature at every turn. Take leisurely strolls and let the kids run freely on the inviting green lawns.

Be dazzled by the National Orchid Garden, where a breathtaking display of colorful orchids awaits. Marvel at the famous Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore’s national flower while being surrounded by the fragrance of blooming flowers.

In this serene sanctuary, time seems to slow down and all your stressful holiday planning back home simply fade away. It’s the perfect spot to end your family vacation in Singapore smelling like a Rose.

Address: 1 Cluny Rd

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