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Cheap Transportations And Attractions In Reykjavik Airport

Reykjavik Airport is one of four International airports in Iceland, which mostly serves visitors on private flights. It’s not exactly a sprawling airport but more like a domestic one.  

Icelandair, Wizz Air, and Air Iceland Connect are just a few of the domestic and International carriers that fly in and out of Reykjavik airport.

Flying between one of Icelandair’s 34 US and one of its 37 European travel destinations, you may take advantage of the Icelandair stopover deals which enables travelers to remain in Iceland for up to seven nights for free.

getting around reykjavik airport

Reykjavik airport is a pretty small airport, making your arrival simple. The domestic and the International terminal are the only two sections of the building.

A covered walkway connects you the two terminals with well-marked signs and informational screens for easy navigation.

There are tons of amenities like eateries, duty-free stores and a convenience store. Along with offering free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal. The airport also provides luggage storage and a VIP lounge for first class visitors.

Before making your way to the tiny Reykjavik airport arrival hall, pick up a free copy of Iceland Magazine or The Reykjavik Grapevine for additional suggestions and local street routes. 

flybus reykjavik airport transfer

Visitors flying in from all over the world on vacation to Iceland will probably arrive in Keflavik airport, also known as Reykjavik airport. So ensure your flight ticket shows Keflavik International Airport (KEF).

Once you’ve landed at Reykjavik airport, there’s one simple method to save money right away: don’t take a cab from the airport. Because of the high cost of gasoline, a 45-minute journey may cost over $200.

flybus reykjavik

The cheapest means of transport to Reykjavik downtown city is with Flybus Reykjavik airport shuttle service. You won’t have to worry about securing a seat because your reservation ensures your seat are allocated upon confirmation.

The bus compartment is super large, great if you have tons of luggage. The journey will take approximately 45 minutes and there’s free WIFI onboard as well. Flybus also offers tours to top attractions in Iceland

Book an airport shuttle on Viator fly bus Reykjavik online to avoid the que upon arrival for 3000kr (approximately $32). This Reykjavik airport to city bus service is totally reliable even if your flight is delayed.

Reykjavik airport hotels

The Aurora Star Airport Hotel is conveniently positioned 5 minute walk  from the arrival hall, close to bus stops, restaurants and other amenities.

Excellent window views allowing guests to observe the shifts in the weather and planes landing nearby. Located 5 minutes away from Reykjavik International Airport, this a a great boutique hotel to stay,

If you are looking for an apartment-style hotel then Reykjavik Residence is only 39 minute drive away from Reykjavik airport and 3 minute walking distance to Bus Stop 14 (tour pick up point).

The kitchen was fully equipped with large clean bathrooms, and all the rooms had underfloor heating. The rooms also have complimentary ear plugs incase it gets too noisy at night (ensure to book higher floor accommodation).

best Reykjavik hotel

Hlemmur Square even have hotel rooms as well as hostel beds, giving you privacy, a friendly vibe and free communal dinners for as little as 1100kr (about $12).

Don’t worry about bedbugs and noisy neighbors, the apartments like others in northern Europe are clean and trendy. The guests are mostly friendly and sociable as well.

Nevertheless, renting apartments comes with a full kitchen and utensils. Costco is an all-under-one-roof American supermarket. This is your affordable store to stock up on everything you need and not worry about groceries.

Getting Around Reykjavik By Public Transport

There are no subways or train lines in downtown Reykjavik. However, only Straeto city buses operate in Reykjavik and the neighborhood area.

The well-maintained public buses can be easily spotted by their bright yellow colors. Bus-stops are plentiful in the city and bus services are a breeze to board.

You can use the Straeto app or go to their website to type in your itinerary. The bus stops are pretty tiny like a a extra large phonebooth with a small bench. 

reykjavik public transport

Reykjavik bus tickets are paid in cash and a single trip goes by minutes (75mins).You can transit anywhere as long as you are in the time frame.

Downtown Reykjavik in Iceland is one of the world most beautiful cities in winter and interesting tourist place to visit. A great vacation spot for anyone to go. The island nation is only an hour plus flight away from UK and Europe.

The Land of Fire and Ice is a must-go tourist destination where waterfalls near Reykjavik crashes down within hand’s range and geothermally heated rivers beckon you to jump right in.

Pubs, restaurants and hotel bars all do it, giving half-price drinks from 11.00a.m. to 8.00p.m. Whatever the reasoning, it’s another way to save money in a city where a pint of Viking beer can cost up to 1200kr (about $15).

And if you spend more than 6000kr (about $70) on any one shopping item, Iceland will offer you a going-away present at the airport which is a VAT refund.

Attractions In Reykjavik

The days are long and the nights are short but because of its amazing street decorations. It’s a place unlike any other tourist destinations and that’s why Reykjavik is one of the best winter cities to go from Europe. 

You’ll notice Christmas decorations all over the tourist spots around Reykjavik. There will be skating rink, Christmas markets and shoppers galore popping up everywhere.

Another totally awesome feature of Reykjavik in winter is its diversity of unique tours that only happen throughout December and can be booked from downtown Reykjavik. 

Natural ice caves, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and all of the other wonderful activities that will be available in winter.

If you are dreaming about a white Christmas, this is the perfect vacation city for couples to be as well. Reykjavik isn’t only costly for tourists, it’s also expensive for locals, which is why the city is bursting at the seams with second-hand and vintage stores.

You can buy hand-knitted Icelandic sweaters for a discount at Spuutnik on Laugavegur 28, Reykjavik’s main street or one of the three Red Cross shops.

Avoid the overpriced “puffin shops” on Laugavegur for souvenirs or presents and instead stroll down to Hverfisgata for some good deals.

Because Reykjavik is a UNESCO City of Literature, you may take self-guided literary walks to discover sites related to Icelandic crime fiction or LGBT literature using the free Reykjavik Culture Walks app.

Reykjavik is very walkable after you’ve arrived in the city. It’s small and safe (contrary to what Nordic noir crime books would have you think), especially in the summer when there’s almost 24 hours of sunshine.

There are also safe walking tours conducted for free by residents, many of them are university graduates. (tips accepted) Icelanders appear to be pretty well-educated and hospitable people.

Then, there’s the Reykjavik City Card, which grants free admission to art museum and geothermally heated swimming pools as well as discounts at establishment like Bio Paradis. A 24-hour City Card costs 3700kr (about $45).

Self-driving in Iceland is the ideal way to see the spectacular waterfalls that are scattered near Reykjavik. If you wish to see the falls on the ring road, rent a 4×4 rather than a passenger vehicle.

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