7 Doable Short Getaways To Explore From Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana today is known not only for its tranquil lakes and world-class ski resorts, but also for its broad cultural sites and plenty of alternative places to visit for short trips.

A vacation destination for nature lovers and thrill seekers looking for the perfect outdoor pursuits in Slovenia. So, if you’re looking for more cities besides Ljubljana to go for short getaway trips, there’re more than a handful to match your travel checklist. 

When to visit Slovenia

The months of April to May are ideal for visiting Ljubljana in Slovenia. The weather is pretty pleasant during the shoulder season and lodging is less expensive.

It’s less crowded in May than during the summer high season, which runs from June to August as well as during the popular winter holidays.

While you're in Ljubljana

Top things to do in Ljubljana

  • Enjoy the summer sun and swim in the Adriatic Sea at one of Slovenian’s beautiful beaches
  • Engage a local guided trip to Lake Bled & Bled Castle
  • Visit one of Slovenia’s many museums
  • Explore Ljubljana’s medieval Old Town with its picturesque squares and charming streets
  • Book a private city walking tour and explore Ljubljana major sites

Tips For This Trip

Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s most popular tourist places. But there’re more than a handful of under-the-radar cities and towns offering tons of spectacular outdoors activities and inspiring places to explore.

Before you hit the road, here’s 8 enjoyable places to go for short getaways from Ljubljana minus the nightlife hangouts.

bovec slovenia
Kayak in the astonishing waters in Soca Valley


Bovec is super ideal for adventure-travelers who loves the outdoors. The pristine valley is packed with activities like watersports, paragliding, mountain biking and hiking trail. 

The rugged mountain of Rombon at 2,207 meters high, is an important part of Slovenia’s landscape. The city of Bovec lies of the southern side of it’s summit and is surrounded by the majestic Julian Alps.

Mountain bikers and novice cyclists have a plethora of forested routes to choose and the venue for the iconic Giro d´Italia cycling race to be held on the 27th May 2022.

“The Walk Of Peace” is a popular guided hiking trip from the Alps to the Adriatic sea for visitors and military buffs who wish to experience the history of the first world war, memorial sites and wine tasting. 

Bottom line: Bovec is great for travelers seeking a relaxing vacation in the countryside as well as those seeking adrenaline fuel activities. An ideal trip for family with kids

There are pretty much tons of activities and places to visit for all seasons such rafting or zip line in summer and  skiing in winter at Kanin Ski resort.

Top Things To Do In Bovec

  • Go on a guided whitewater rafting experience in the Soča  River with breathtaking scenery
  • In some plateaus and mountain ascents, you can go biking on valley dirt roads
  • Ski and snowboard at Kanin-Sella Nevea Ski Resort located in Goriška
  • Visit Slap Virje Waterfall which is close to the Soča River
  • Try beginners Kayak course at Soča’s emerald river 


Piran is a coastal town nestled amid the 46.6 kilometer stretch of Slovene Riveria shoreline alongside the Adriatic Sea. The town’s lengthy pier and Venetian architecture date from the nineteenth century.

When planning your vacation to Slovenia , Piran is an ideal getaway near to the idyllic lake Bled,  Brda and a pretty short trip away from Ljubljana.

 The beach town is also home to the world largest underground Skocjan Cave, so take some time to explore places like the mammoth cave, Tartini Square and St. George’s Cathedral.

Top Things To Do In Piran

  • Take a walking tour around Piran cobble-sized stones pavement streets
  • Visit the magical world of rare sea shells at the museum
  • Discover “Walls of Piran” well-preserved defensive historic downtown site
  • Go for a relaxing Spa at Lepa Vida Thalasso to unwind
  • Within Tartani Central Square, pay a visit to St. George’s Church


The small town of Kobarid is located in the western-most part of Slovenia, in the lovely Soča Valley surrounded by the Julian Alps. A Natural Heritage location with top-notch restaurants.

Kobarid is a gateway for all kinds of outdoor activities which makes this town the perfect short trips for couples to visit from Ljubljana

From mountain getaways to paragliding and super relaxing eco-lodges, Kobarid is shaped by its stunning natural surroundings.

Bottom line: Some of the best places to go with friends for a spread of adventure. Also, an ideal destination for couples who are seeking a peaceful vacation.

Top Things To Do In Kovarid

  • Check out the Napoleon’s Bridge built in 1750
  • Visit Slap Kozjak, the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia
  • View WW1 artefacts and other exhibits at Kobarid Museum l.l.c.
  • Breathtaking viewpoint at Napoleon’s Bridge with hiking trial
  • Visit romantic mountain village of Drežnica


Kranjska Gora is a pretty sight that sparks your senses at any season of the year and it’s a true by nature. A charming Alpine resort setting in northern-west Slovenia within Triglav National Park

The Triglav National Park are there for you to discover numerous adventures from an adrenaline-pump vacation to peaceful experiences of nature and its artistic heritage.

The thing is that Kranjska Gora’s pristine surroundings appeals to visitors looking for hidden gems and serene forest trial with fairytale-like waterfalls and placid crystal clear stream. 

This is one of those short getaway trips where nature is the finest remedy to the negative effects of our fast-paced modern lives. It’s a breath of fresh air for all you pent-up visitors. 

Bottom line: Kranjska Goran is a perfect weekend getaway from Ljubljana for adventurers and eco-conscious visitors hiking through magnificent forests, alpine streams and scenic lakes.

Top Things To Do In Kranjska Gora

  • Drive to the captivating Upper Sava Valley
  • Explore the mystical history of the Zgornjesavska valley
  • Relax at picturesque Lake Jasna with views of the mountain and valley
  • Ride on ski lift at Kranjska Gora Ski Resort in winter
  • Book a guided tour from Ljubljana to Kranjska Gora and be in sync with nature.


Bohinj is a fairyland valley embraced by the Julian Alps. One of the places for short getaways is to Lake Bohinj which lies in the heart of the Triglav National Park.

The largest Slovenian natural lake, nestled at the base of unspoilt alps and mountain tops, is one of Europe’s oldest public spaces for romantic couples to wander around.

The mountain at Tiglav National Park with an elevation of 2,863.65 meters is the highest in Slovenia. The great outdoors for serious hikers and biking enthusiasm. 

Bottom line: There’re no other places I can think of than Lake Bohinj for couples to stop by. A pretty calming spot to visit with beautiful scenery and the majestic Julian Alps as a backdrop. 

Top Things To Do In Bohinj

  • Take a stroll at Lake Bohinj, a favorite spot for couples to visit
  •  Do a 2 days hike at Triglav (highest mountain) for a memorable experience
  • Book a sightseeing and boat ride tour from Ljubljana to Triglav National Park
tolmin gorges slovenia
Kayaking at the alluring Tolmin Gorges


Tolmin is a tiny town situated in northern Slovenia. Trieste Airport (TRS) at approximately 55.8 kilometers from Ljubljana, is the closest airport to Tolmin.

Top vacation places for visitors at this small townn are Tolmin gorges, which is the lowest access into the Triglav National Park and Sotočje Tolminke in Soče (natural beach)

For pious visitors, visit Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca, located 8kn from the town center. An ideal venue for a little prayer to your loved ones.

Bottom line: Tomlin has everything for the best short vacation spots in Slovenia with great outdoor experience considering its easy access to Triglav National Park.

Top Things To Do In Tolmin

  • Go for a cool dip at Sotočje Tolminke natural beach
  • Explore the caves and bridges at Tomlin Gorges
  • Look out for tons of music and art festivals to go 


Maribor is a cultural city in the eastern region, surrounded by wine-growing valleys on the Drava River, an excellent launching pad for visitors interested in the history about Eastern Slovenia.

Ski slops, mountain biking and hiking trail punctuate the green hills of the eastern corner of Slovenia, nestled by some of the world’s oldest vineyards in the country.

Bottom line: If you love to relax with a glass of wine and take a peaceful stroll in rows of picturesque vineyards, then Maribor is one of the best short trip ideas for you and your love ones.

Top Things To Do In Maribor

  • Go downhill mountain biking at Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Resort
  •  Visit the Museum Of National Liberation Maribor with guided tour
  • Take in the view and relax with a glass of wine at Vodni Stolp Water Tower
  • Engage a local guided trip from Ljubljana and explore Maribor and its sprawling vineyards