Best Holiday Places To Go For Your Travel Bucket List

What are the best places to go on holiday!

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some best places to go on vacation In the World today

Picking the best holiday destinations for your next vacation can be daunting. There are several travel alternatives, some of which are weird and unusual while others provide relaxation and tranquility. Which ones deserve a vacation spot on your bucket list. Take your pick from these possibilities to explore.

I’ve put together an inspiring list of the best holiday places to go for your next vacation.

best places to travel in october

Prettiest Natural Pools To Visit In Meta, Colombia

Caño Cristales, dubbed “the most beautiful river in the world,” is one of the top holiday places in Colombia.

With many natural pools and a varied water flow, this beautiful river has some unique features.

The river has astonishing five hues providing a haven of serenity as well as a relaxing swim in one of its many colorful natural pools.

This remarkable river pretty much flows through the Serrana de la Macarena mountain range amazes with its vibrant colors of yellow, green, blue, black, and red tints on the bottom.

The fast flowing catchment area passes through a region that’s on the edge of the Amazon rainforest, the Andes and the eastern Ilana’s is almost totally clear.

The riverbed is the ideal locations for a species of plant called Macarena Clavigera to grow during the summer months. It takes on a gloriously red hue and also provides shelter for other species to grow.

Black pebbles, microalgae, blue water and yellow gravel all contributed to the iridescent appearance. No wonder, this place is affectionately known as the “Liquid Rainbow”.

The ideal time to visit is from July to November where the water is clean and invitingly clear. Caño Cristales located in the Meta department is one of the best places to visit in October while you are in Colombia.

Before you take a dive into the inviting pools, there are restrictions on visitations and permitted swimming sites. It’s quite complicated and the appropriate suggestion is to engage a licensed local guide.   

Things To Do In Nevada, USA

The Fly Geyser is one of those holiday places that looks like it would be at home on an alien planet but amazingly it’s only about 20 miles north of the town of Gerlach in Nevada.

Although, you might think this weird looking formation is a natural formation but actually it’s the result of human activity, when a well was drilled in 1916 for irrigation water and was abandoned shortly because the water was close to boiling point.

A second hole was dug in 1964 by an energy company but the water wasn’t hot enough for their needs, so they abandoned it too and the formation that formed around it, is what we see today.

It has a number of openings which the water shoots 5 feet out and the entire structure is currently between 25 and 30 feet tall. Various platforms and pools have also been created across 74 acres.

The water is unusually high in silica content and the present of algae that thrive in the conditions are responsible for the multicolored deposits that have solidified around it.

It produces quartz something that usually takes 10,000 years to happen in other geysers even though there are a couple of other geysers nearby that have been formed in a similar way.

None are as large or as impressive as the Fly Geyser. It’s a marvel that you won’t find anywhere else on this planet.

The Geyser is located in a private land and Fly Ranch provides a 3 hour guided tour including the surrounding hot springs.

Natural & Curious Attractions In Pomerania, Poland

The crooked forest, deep within a forest near the town of Gryfino in Poland is a phenomenon that has confused researchers and visitors alike. 

There are an estimated 400 pine trees that have for some reason, grown very differently to unusual shape. The row of trees were planted during the 1930s when the region was a part of Germany.

They grow horizontally for several feet before rising upwards. It’s not known why this has happened and why. Here’s the thing, the growing pattern only happened to these 400 trees.

A couple of theories, the first is that it’s the result of human intervention, probably because of a tool that was used when they were first planted.

Surprisingly, all the trees are pretty healthy and grows to 50 feet tall. The alternative suggestion was that they were all subjected to a freak weather event such as a snowstorm while they were young shoots. It’s a mystery for you to guess.

After a tumultuous 2020 and 2021, vacation is resuming with a vengeance as a slew of new holiday places and travel getaways become available to tourists eager to get back to exploring the world.

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