Exploring The Iconic Gullfoss Waterfalls In Iceland

gullfoss falls Iceland

Gullfoss Falls, Iceland most iconic waterfall is located nearest to Reykjavik and the South Coast. This beautiful waterfall is one of the most visited Icelandic falls. 

It’s located just off Iceland’s famous Ring Road and one of the country’s largest waterfalls with a very broad breadth that makes it excellent for photos taking.

If you intend on traveling the whole ring road trip, there is no chance you will miss it. Spend some time shooting pictures at beautiful vacation spots and enjoy a cup of coffee at the nearby local café near the falls.

Check out our best guide about the magnificent Gullfoss Falls, what it’s so special, and everything else you need to know about the most brilliant waterfalls in Iceland.

Best Time To Visit Gullfoss Falls

The best time to visit Gullfoss Falls is from June through September where the terrain and greenery are free from snow. Nevertheless, most of the best waterfalls in Iceland are open to visitors all year round.

Gullfoss Falls in Iceland is open all year due to its well-maintained roads and carparks. The entrance fee is free including in winter. If you are on a couple vacation, it’s a good thing to try the walking trail. 

How To Get To Gullfoss Falls From Reykjavik

Before you start your trip, check road.is for information on road conditions and closures before starting out. The picturesque Haukadalur Valley and the Hvtá River is where Gullfoss Falls is located.

Getting from Reykjavik to Gullfoss Falls is super easy. It’s approximately an hour and 40 minutes from the capital of Iceland on the famed driving route (Golden Circle loop).

gullfoss waterfall from reykjavik map

Gullfoss Falls is located at the furthest tip on the Golden Circle loop of southern Iceland. The waterfall can be found in the Haukadalur Valley just next to Hvita River (the White River)

Upon traveling east for approximately 54 kilometers, make a turn towards route 35. The trip should be around 113 km from Reykjavik. If you follow the directions, you will arrive at the waterfall’s parking spot near to a visitor center.

Considering Gullfoss Falls is one of Iceland’s most well-known waterfalls, getting there from Reykjavik is simple and the route is clearly outlined. So self drive is the better option than joining a tour.

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Facts About Gullfoss Falls

Gulfoss Falls is perhaps Iceland’s most well-known waterfall and one of the most popular destinations on the Golden Circle. This highest waterfall in Iceland glistens with gold when the sun shines on the cascading waters.

It’s also known as the “Golden Falls,” and if you come on a sunny day (which is unusual in Iceland), you’ll be able to witness a captivating rainbow above Gulfoss Falls.

Gulfoss is situated in a canyon of the Hvtà River which is divided into two levels owing to its geological origin. Around the waterfalls, there are wooden walking platforms where you may stroll along to obtain the greatest view from every angles.

The refreshing trail right next to Gullfoss Falls provide a greater sense of the force of this natural phenomenon. The magnificence waterfall in Iceland which features a 32-meter drop into a steep gorge makes your visit worthwhile.

Even if it’s on a bright day, make sure you’re dressed appropriately, since the waterfall’s spray is enough to get you all soak up. Be careful on where you walk since the route becomes extremely slippery when wet.

Canyon Rafting

The ever popular outdoor activities near Gullfoss Falls are probably those that include canyon rafting because they are exciting and adventurous.

A pretty fantastic outdoor day activity is rafting down the Hvtá river. This experience is surprisingly fun for people of all ages and does not require any preceding rafting skills.

If you appreciate a little adventure in a beautiful setting, probably, this is the best experience. Just make sure you bring along a swimming suit, warm underwear, thick sweater, pants and fresh clothes.

The rafting equipment are normally provided by the local operators. 

Where To Eat near Gullfoss Falls

Although Hérasskólinn is a boutique hotel, the restaurant offers high-quality dishes. It’s located at Laugarvatn, midway between the Ingvellir National Park and Gullfoss Falls, nearest to Haukadalur & Geysir.

Visitors will have a variety of options at Friheimar Tomato Farm, including the all-time favorite from favorite tomato soup to tomato ice cream. It’s something uncanny but taste delicious.

Does Gullfoss Freezes In Winter

Generally, Gullfoss Falls is accessible all year long but the bitter news is that this iconic waterfall do freeze in the winter most of the time.

Gullfoss is a two-level falls that cascades over 11 meters of stones from the top level and plunges 21 meters into a canyon from the lower part of the falls.

The river that supplies Gulfoss with freshwater frequently freezes over, leaving its surface covered with ice. As there is less freshwater flowing from the glacier down the river and streams, the mesmerizing falls are fully engulfed by snow.

Gullfoss Falls travel Tips

Safety Advice

  • Ensure you are knowledgeable about the surroundings.
  • Follow the guidelines and warning notices posted close to the falls.
  • Never dive into plunge pools or from the edge of waterfalls.
  • Always keep an eye on your valuables while you are there.

What To Wear

  • Put on reliable hiking boots or non-slip shoes.
  • Bring extra clothes incase you get wet.
  • Raincoats and waterproof gears comes pretty handy.

What To Bring

  • Avoid carrying a bulky bag and only bring what is necessary.
  • A waterproof camera could help you avoid a setback.
  • Bring the necessities, such as a towel, dry bag and other outdoors protection.
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  • Rent yourself a comfortable car for trips to top attractions 

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