Private tour Chiang Mai is all about having your vacation exclusively to yourself with friends or family. Only yourself or group will participate on a private tour with my service.
Yuii and myself WiNai (married), spend most of our times guiding travelers, helping them to experience our way of life in Chiangmai and providing our best local private tour guided services. 
We are ever ready to implement the best guided experience in Chiang Mai and beyond in our clean and comfortable. mini van. Hope you will give us a try.
  • Professional tour guide: Yes
  • Local guide license: Yes
  • Other profession: Transportation Services
  • Languages spoken: Standard English

What We Do

Totally hassle-free flexible itinerary without joining any formalize tour package from travel agents. No rush and no guided tours to follow. Relax without any anxiety at your own pace.

“I travel in Thailand quite a bit and Mr. Nai is by far the best driver I’ve ever worked with. I generally plan all my own tours, but he offered some excellent ideas. 

Plus we hired him to take us from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai for a few days and back. He was prompt, drove safely, very reasonably priced, clean and safe vehicle, and always very professional. I can’t say enough about him”

John, Colorado, Tripadvisor

Explore the trip experience without any setbacks. Your tailor-made guided tour with me in your own private comfortable minivan.

Totally awesome for couples, family and small groups of friends who’s looking for a great time together. Flexible trip with stops and duration at any attractions.

“If you have a big group, don’t think of booking a bus because it’s really very inconvenient to access many beautiful scenery on the top of the mountains.

Get Mr Nai to settle your private transportations and itinerary for you. I strongly recommend Mr Nai because the package he is offering is definitely a good price”

Christine @Clovielle, Tripadvisor