5 Amazing Hidden Islands Explored On Small Cruise Ships

Being a regular outdoor traveler, you can hardly express the pleasures of exploring new places worldwide especially on small cruise ships. Island and river cruises are now popular vacation options for tourists all around the world.

Why you should choose a small cruise ship?
Numerous travel destinations have become commonplace in the cruise industry. They include Avignon France, Vienna Austria, Flam Norway and many others.

However, river cruise that are harder to maneuver are also best explored on smaller cruise ships and are becoming the choice of many travelers now.

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The travel destinations accessible by small cruise ships are more unique and fascinating as they cannot be visited by larger cruise vessel. So vacation places like the Amazon is a perfect river cruise to go on your next trip.

The exclusivity, picturesque views, the feel of authenticity and a more immersive local experience are some of the top reasons outdoor travelers opt for small ship cruises to explore these distinct areas. 

While there is an explosive demand to explore these hidden island destinations, aquaexpeditions.com are taking advantage of small ship cruises to allow travelers unlimited access to tiny ports and exclusive spots.

So let’s take a look at the most amazing hidden island gems best explored on small cruise ships.

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1. Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat ranks high on the list of the most ecologically rich unspoiled island destinations and breathtaking visual masterpieces.

The area has diverse beautiful views with picture-perfect islands settings like nature paintings or postcards. 

The Raja Ampat diving experience is unique as you can dive below the ocean’s surface and experience the world in a fantastic way!

This stunning Indonesia island boast a marvelous underwater experience such as wrasse, manta rays and pygmy seahorses.

And if you like bird watching as an activity, Raja Ampat is a top-class location to observe the types of birds you have never seen before in their natural habitat.

Going on a small cruise cruise expedition to this beautiful place is pretty more than just sailing. It is an experience that stays with you for a lifetime! 

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2. Côn Đảo


Côn Đảo cruise

Vietnam’s Côn Đảo, an unfrequented island gem off Phú, Quốc, might be an excellent place for people looking to get far off the beaten path.

The archipelago off Vietnam’s south eastern coast is endowed with nature’s attractive offerings. The Côn Sơn, just an hour-long flight from Ho Chi Minh City, is the largest area where people live in the 16-island chain.

You’ll enjoy viewing the most remote spots from a luxury small cruise ship  and a local private guide can show you around the most fascinating areas and spots.

Top tourist spots to visit are the spectacular Dam Tre Bay lagoon and a 19th-century hilltop lighthouse.

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3. Komodo Island


Bali Komodo is one of the  top vacation spots in Indonesia with something to offer for every tourist.

It will compete favorably in terms of gorgeousness, making this isolated island a popular and must-visit destination. 

Check out Komodo’s romantic pink beach especially if you intend to propose to your partner.

This pink beach is one of only seven worldwide, so ensure to bring along your camera to take some memorable pictures when you go cruising. 

Explore the pristine coral reefs with vast schools of more than 1,000 species of fish and the elusive Dugong that live around Komodo National Park. 

The sandy beaches and beautiful shoreline are a dream come true as well.  You can escape to a remote white-sand Island – a rare opportunity for beach lovers.

However, a journey to Komodo will be incomplete without meeting the iconic Komodo dragons. They are simply nonexistent everywhere else!

And these huge lizards are known to be the largest on the planet. They can grow to about 3 meters long.

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4. Corsica


Corsica island cruise

Corsica is a mountainous Mediterranean island south of France with a mix of quaint coastal towns, craggy peaks (with Monte Cinto being the highest) and dense forest.

Almost 50% of the island is situated within a park with hiking trails, including the GR 20. In addition, it has beaches stretching from the commune areas of Pietracorbara to remote Saleccia and Rondinara.

Since it became part of France in 1768, it has become a spectacular mountain scenery for outdoor lovers. Its Ajaccio port enables explorers to see and recall where Napoleon was born.

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5. Los Roques


An archipelago on Venezuela’s coast, Los Roques National Park is imbued with smaller islands of up to 350, including islets and cays surrounding a 400-sq-km lagoon.

Los Roques is pretty well-known among a wealthier group who enjoy taking their private yachts for a quiet day along the secluded stretch of beaches and islets.

For those vacationing in Caracas, you’ll find Los Roques a popular and easily achievable day trip. 

Check out the wildlife attractions as the entire archipelago was deemed a national park several years ago and now accommodates a diverse range of marine life and birds.

Unlike most large famous islands, these options are not widely on the list of many but are incredible islands pretty much worth considering for your next cruise trips. 

These undiscovered gems (islands) are only included on a select few itineraries and are only accessible by small ship cruises. The sense of originality and local first-hand knowledge is unparalleled.

On the plus side, though, you can appreciate nature more deeply and learn about the intriguing histories of places without being bothered by a large crowds.

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