5 Popular Areas And Hotels In Chiang Mai Near Night Bazaar

The best hotels in Chiang Mai pretty much depends on your budget and the favorable areas where most of the night bazaar and night markets are located.

You can find peaceful and quaint hidden gems in popular places to stay in Chiang Mai together with all the top attractions in beautiful locale that has something special to offer for all types of travelers.

Although, not the biggest city in Thailand, you may be wondering which neighborhood in the city and towns is the most ideal if you are a first time visitor planning a vacation in northern Thailand.


Chiang Mai hotel’s average price:

  • 3 star USD 45
  • 4 star USD 102
  • 5 star USD 136    

   Source: Tripadvisor

So yeah, most travelers prefers small to medium size hotels due to its excellent personal service and great locations. The best thing is that, they allow food delivery service to their premises. (Foodpanda, Grabfood)

Most of these midsize class hotels in Chiang Mai do not have Food and Beverage outlets in their property because there are tons of cheap restaurants and cafes nearby to compete with.

Bottom line:

Not much travelers are aware about low-cost food delivery and ride service app such as Grab Food, which is similar to UBER.

  • GRAB FOOD and FOODPANDA DELIVERY provides tons of restaurants and street food vendors in their apps.
  • Prices are super cheap as low as 80Baht for a sumptuous meal and approximately 75Baht for a cup (5oz) of delightful coffee latte. 
  • Your orders will be delivered directly to your location in due time. Pick up at mostly lobby of hotel.
  • GRAB RIDES cost approx 100baht from your pickup point to anywhere in the city limit.

The Best Month To Visit Chiang Mai

Summer holidays are the best time to visit popular vacation places where you’ll find busload of tourists everywhere you go. Fortunately, it doesn’t occur in Chiang Mai likely due to its distance from Bangkok. 

The city used to be packed with tourists from China but for the pass few years, I must be guessing that they have all gone to other preferred holiday destinations. 

So yeah, the best month to visit Chiang Mai I would recommend is from May – October but it’s pretty great to be in this amazing city the whole year except on crop burning and locals holiday periods. For more insights, you can go to my other post here

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hotel in chiang mai


Chiang Mai Old Town

This mid-range hotel in Chiang Mai is like a cross between a budget-friendly and a boutique hotel. It has all the amenities such as swimming pool and a cute little balcony in every rooms.

All you ever need is Google Map app on your smartphone for easy route planning. From walking to booking a Grab cab, you’ll never get lost exploring the city and back to the hotel.

Only in-house Ala Carte breakfast sets are available. But why pay more when you can order cheap food delivery for dine-in meals with food delivery app such as Grab and Foodpanda.

The hotel is located at the oldest and the most historical locality of Chiang Mai. Cozytel is a great place to stay for first time visitor with nightlife, amazing temples and notably the famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and Market just a few steps away.

Chiang Mai old town is also the best launching pad for road trips to most of the top sightseeing and places of interest which usually takes a day or less to complete.

While being a vibrant cosmopolitan city, you can even take a journey back in time through its rich culture and fascinating history.

Top Amenities:

  • Wheelchair Friendly (Lift)
  • Not pet friendly
  • Cute Balcony
  • Smoking allowed at balcony
  • Fast WIFI
  • Night Security Guard
  • Fluent English speaking front desk
  • Clean/Comfortable beds
  • Clean rooms/toilet facilities
  • Strong shower water pressure

There are tons of affordable stalls, kiosks, restaurants etc catering to all types of tourist here. You can find your favorite meals a walking distance away.

Where To Eat:

If you are keen to check out this hotel, proceed to your top hotel booking websites below:

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar/Night Market

Sunday Night Bazaar

Rachadamnoen Rd, Tambon Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200

Open: sunday

5pm - 10.30pm
distance from hotel
tha phae walking street

Rachadamnoen Rd, Tambon Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200

Open: sunday

5pm - 10pm
distance from Hotel
chang puek gate night market

248/70 Manee Nopparat Rd, Tambon Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200

Open: sunday

5pm - 10pm
distance from Hotel
Top places to visit in Chiang Mai old town
places to stay in chiang mai

Hotel De Wualai

Wua Lai Road

Hotel De Wualai is located in a tiny slip road amidst a peaceful residential area. Hard to locate as it’s hidden from the main road. Not a problem if you utilize Grab cab service for easy pickup/drop off to hotel.

Situated in a quaint neighborhood overlooking rows of private terrace houses, the hotel offers garden and mountain view making Wua Lai town one of the best places to stay in Chiang Mai.

It’s a unique place to stay because there are no higher building around for miles. From the outside, this nondescript hotel does not look fancy, but walk into the rooms and you will find it clean and spacious.

The suite rooms at the corner of the hotel has a private balcony with pretty cool mountain view and a big patio area for exclusivity, best for couple vacations.

Not many tourists know about this laid-back area for a super peaceful and unhurried vacation. Wua Lai fits the bill, where you can just laze around with plenty of nature and greenery.

Here, you’ll find pretty awesome cafes with beautiful garden settings and friendly travelers having their morning breakfast. Kadmanee is my favorite night market with a beer garden surrounded by a Hugh water fountain.

The thing is, the most famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar ( Saturday Night Bazaar) is only 6 minute walking distance from Hotel De Wualai.  

Where To Eat In Wua Lai Town:

Dine In: Grab Food & Foodpanda app

Breakfast: Thisischiangmai

Cozy Breakfast:

Street Food:
A must go – Famous Saturday Night Market Walking Street (only Saturdays) for a variety of everything.

If you feel peckish, take a 10mins walk using your smart phone’s Google Map for direction to Wua Lai Walking Street.

Or book a Grab cab which cost less than 100 baht to nearby Kad Manee which opens from 5pm – 10.30pm. You can find tons of local food and F&B outlets while relaxing on a traditional wooden mat around a water fountain.

Bottom line:

  • Best for honeymooners for it’s tranquil and quiet area with birds chirping away outside your room.
  • Coffee shops serving freshly-made pastries and croissants are only a stone thrown away.
  • With estimate Grab cab ride costing aprox 100baht to Chinatown for example, it make sense to book one.
  • Don’t be anxious if you find the streets a little dimly lit at night. I’ve been safely walking around that area numerous times.
  • To find out more about this pleasant hotel in Chiang Mai, visit the top booking website below.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar/Night Market

Saturday Night Bazaar

Saturday Night Market Chiangmai, Wua Lai Rd, Tambon Hai Ya, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Open: Saturday

4pm - 11pm / No Smoking Area
distance from hotel

6 minutes

Kadmanee Night Market

185 18 Thipanet Rd, Tambon Hai Ya, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Open: Daily

5pm - 10.30pm
distance from Hotel

12 minutes

places to stay in chiang mai

Family House Zen Boutique Resort

Pai Mountain District

Family House Zen Boutique Resort is pretty much like chalets with a terrace amidst peaceful surroundings. Free from all the noise and yet walking distance to F&B, Pai Walking Street and 300m from the bus station.

Getting to the resort, you will experience a bumpy ride but upon arrival, it pretty much looks like the real deal. Super attentive staffs to help with all your needs. Rooms are kept fresh when you arrive from the winding road trip.

The rooms doesn’t look fancy but importantly, beds are always kept clean and comfortable. Room size is suitable for couples while it’s a bit cramp for 3 persons, although 3 bedded rooms are available.

Further up the Mae Hong Son loop is a town that has been a backpacker’s favorite for decades and the best area for sightseeing,

Pai District is about 80km from Chiang Mai with a laid back vibe. A relaxing mountain paradise as well as a chill out village at night.

This quant mountain precinct is great for solo, couples and backpackers depending on the season. With most of the attractions outside of town, the most popular ways of getting around Pai is by renting a scooter.

I don’t recommend doing that in Chiang Mai city though, but not much an issue here, just ensure your rental bike is insured and in good condition.


  • There are only 3 ways to visit Pai. By daily minibus, rental vehicles including bikes and air service from Chiang Mai airport.
  • If you travel by road, bring along motion sickness pills for those not use to winding roads on most of the mountainous trip.

Where To Eat In Pai Village:

Breakfast: Blue Ox, A Taste Of Joy

Lunch: Na’s Kitchen

Dinner: Ganesh Bar & Restaurant

Top recommended places to visit around Pai.

  • Land Split
  • Pam Bok Waterfall
  • Coffee In Love ( Amazing Viewpoint)
  • Yunnan Chinese Village
  • Yun Lai Viewpoint
  • Pai Canyon ( Sunset)
  • Sunflower Fields
  • World War 2 Memorial Bridge
  • Hot Springs
  • Lod Cave

Night Market

Pai Night Market

Pai Night Market, 9C6R+2JF ทางหลวงชนบท แม่ฮ่องสอน 4024 Wiang Tai, Pai District, Mae Hong Son 58130, Thailand

Open: Daily

5pm - 10.30pm
distance from Hotel

9 minutes

If you wish to check out Family House Zen Boutique Resort in Pai, there are tons of minivan transfer from Chiang Mai city. The journey takes about three and a half hours plus 15 minutes break. Advisable to book this hotel prior to departure from town.

luxury hotel chiang mai

The Empress Premier Hotel Chiang Mai

Ping River

The Empress Premier hotel is like you’ re paying for a 5-star hotel in Chiang Mai at a big discount. Its one of those luxury hotels in Chiang Mai with full facilities.

You’ll get pretty outstanding guest relation service starting with welcome drink, delightful fruit plate and the whole works.

This hotel offers luxurious spacious rooms with city and mountain views. There’s even an ATM machine if you’re in need of cash beside the hotel.

Professional managed staffs from front office to bell hop. No flaws except there’re little to no activities around the vicinity.

Where To Eat Near The Hotel:

If you love a quiet corner just for the two of you, I would suggest Comedara Lanna style Restaurant. An airy and relaxing environment on the banks of the Ping River with pretty comfortable atmosphere.

All Day Dinning: The Good View Bar & Restaurant

Tea & Snacks: Vieng Joom On Teahouse

Top things to do at Ping River:

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar/Night Market

Saturday Night Bazaar

Saturday Night Market Chiangmai, Wua Lai Rd, Tambon Hai Ya, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Open: Saturday

4pm - 11pm / No Smoking Area
distance from hotel

8 minutes drive

Kadmanee Night Market

185 18 Thipanet Rd, Tambon Hai Ya, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Open: Daily

5pm - 10.30pm
distance from Hotel

9 minutes drive

Bottom line:

Empress Premier hotel is like you’re paying for luxury hotel in Chiang Mai at a 4 star cost. Tons of freebies including bouquet of flower, gifts etc.

Free upgrade to suite if your request is accepted. Nevertheless, you’ll still be treated like a Rockstar. The downside is there’s nothing much to do at Ping River and it’s surroundings.

Getting around Chiang  Mai city or Night Bazaar is pretty easy from this hotel. Ensure you download the Grabcab app to make a booking. You can head over to your top hotel booking websites for great discount below.

nimman chiang mai

The Nimman Hotel

Nimman Chiang Mai

The Nimman hotel in Chiang Mai offers highly- trained staffs and is located close to Chiang Mai’s nightlife and tons of restaurants. 

The property is located in the center of Nimman with fabulous breakfast and extremely clean comfortable beds. Its a value for money hotel in Chiang Mai with pretty fast WiFI.  

Nimman Road is the most hip place to stay in Chiang Mai and one of the most expensive as well. If you are a foodie, you could devote the whole day embracing gluttony and still won’t cover the endless chow on offer.

Millennial travelers love to stay in this area because it’s close to the city, shopping malls, airports, market and everything else.

The area is a bit more on the high scale, great for those into arts & crafts. Good hangout at tons of cafes and a vibrant expat-friendly community.

There’re not much places of interests or top attractions for holiday makers here. Good for digital nomads and long term visitors. 

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Kalare Night Bazaar

89, 2 Changklan Rd, Tambon Chang Moi, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Open: Daily

5pm - 10.30pm
distance from Hotel

12 minutes drive

To book this lovely hotel in Nimman Chiang Mai, visit the best booking websites below.

Google feedback recommends 3 days tops, but that’s only if you are in a hurry or on transit. It’s a bit too rush to enjoy your perfect vacation in Chiang Mai.

If your bucket list include trips to mountain attractions and breathtaking temples and neighboring Chiang Rai then you need at least a week.

Trips to these locations takes 4-12 hours including stops. Easily one day affair for Mae Hong Son and neighboring Chiang Rai, for example. 

If you have not decided on which tourist places to visit or wish to decide later upon arrival in Chiang Mai city, I would recommend you to check out my usual English speaking local guide.

Mr. Nai: Comfortable minivan including personalized (affordable) trips to any vacation places around Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai. You can contact/book directly from his personal Facebook page.