10 Beautiful Boutique Hotels In Chiang Mai

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Having had the privilege of exploring Chiang Mai, I’ve come to appreciate the charm of an ancient city that unfold around you. When it comes to accommodations, I’m drawn to the authentic allure of boutique hotels in Chiang Mai over luxury hotels. 

Why is that? Because it’s the warmth of personalized service and the meticulous attention to detail that sets Chiang Mai boutique hotels apart. 

In the heart of Chiang Mai old town, there are boutique havens that become more than just places to stay, offering peaceful accommodations near top attractions, night markets and street food.

Boutique Hotels In Chiang Mai

Whether you’re drawn to tranquil gardens or the authentic charm of Lanna culture, staying in boutique hotels in Chiang Mai promise an experience that lingers in your memory.

So, if you’re seeking a stay as unique as your travel adventure, join me in uncovering the magic of 10 Chiang Mai boutique hotels in this enchanting garden city.

The Wing Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

Nestled amid the vibrant energy of Chiang Mai, The Wing Boutique Hotel is a haven of tranquility that promises a stay beyond expectations. 

This elegant boutique hotel in Chiang Mai is conveniently located at the center of old town. Large ceiling to floor windows opened to the hotel’s peaceful garden.You will be pampered with unlimited supplies of bodywash and shampoo.

Stepping out into its safe surroundings of serene tranquility, this peaceful haven revealed a neighborhood teeming with local cafes, grocery shops, the invigorating scents of massage places and the tantalizing aromas from local restaurants.

Each morning, the experience unfolded with a delightful breakfast, a true highlight of our stay. The generous spread embraced us with a selection of rich coffees, perfectly toasted bread, the sweetness of bananas and the refreshing burst of fruit-flavored juices. 

With no frills, just genuine warmth, the attentive housekeeping team ensures your room is a daily retreat, meticulously neat, clean and oh-so-comfy. The only downside is no swimming pool but you can get your tan at its sister property nearby.

What To Do:

  • Explore the historical significance and architectural beauty of Wat Chedi Luang, an iconic temple ruin in Chiang Mai.(12-minute walk)
  • Witness the beauty of Lanna architecture and intricate murals at Wat Phra Singh Wooramahawihan, another renowned temple complex in Chiang Mai.(6-minute walk)
  • Stroll through the vibrant Wua Lai Walking Street, where the lively atmosphere and an array of local crafts, artwork and delectable street food. (14-minutes walk)

Where To Eat:

Best Chiang Mai Boutique Hotels

Thai Akara Lanna Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

Having been one of their first guests, the sweet gestures of the staff made me feel more like a cherished visitor in someone’s home than just another occupant in a large hotel.

The attention to detail in every room echoed the dedication to creating a truly personalized experience. This more than 5 star boutique gem invites you to experience the rich heritage of Lanna culture with a contemporary twist.

My room, adorned with meticulous care, offered a Juliette balcony that added a touch of romance to my stay. From this vantage point, I enjoyed a splendid view outside my window, connecting me with the fabulous swimming pool.

Thai Akara Lanna was not just opting for a clean and affordable boutique hotel in Chiang Mai; it was embracing a haven where ambiance and service harmonized to create a memorable stay.

This cultural nod added another layer to my experience with an alfresco fitness center and an inviting pool bar, making it more than just a stay.

If you find yourself here, make sure not to miss my must-go morning buzz at Coffee Telling Cafe, with its unique Thai-style iced coffee.

For a great night out, head over to Zoe In Yellow, an awesome night club with cool Djs and cheap drinks.

What To Do

  • Pay homage to three revered Lanna kings at the iconic Three Kings Monument, a landmark intersection with historical significance. (5-minute walk)
  • Book an unforgettable Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary, nestled at 136 8 Ratchapakhinai Rd, and embark on an ethical experience (7-minutes walk)
  • Explore the vibrant Tha Phae Walking Street, a  market brimming with local arts & crafts (6-minute walk)

Wealth Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

The Wealth Boutique Hotel beckons with an invitation to experience luxury intertwined with local charm. From the moment you step into this boutique gem, you’ll be greeted with a seamless blend of opulence and authentic flair.

Arriving at Wealth Boutique Hotel was a breeze, with a quick check-in that set the tone for a seamless stay. While stairs welcomed us, the burden of bags was effortlessly lifted by the attentive staff.

The hotel’s room is adorned with a king-sized haven, complete with all the comforts: a fridge, TV showcasing Thai channels, a cozy desk chair, a secure safe, nightstands and a delightful coffee/tea setup.

The giant bed, paired with thoughtful amenities, ensured our stay was not just comfortable but a retreat. There is a swimming pool located at the back of the hotel.

Mornings at Wealth Boutique Hotel unfold with a delightful breakfast, where menu choices include savory egg dishes, flavorful noodle options, comforting rice soup, and a selection of add-ons like toast, juice, fruit, and coffee

The hotel’s central location adds another layer of convenience. A 7-11 and a local store are just steps away, ensuring your needs are met effortlessly.

For those eager to savor local flavors, the proximity to good restaurants offering Khao Soi and wonton noodle soup can be found nearby. 

Almost all of Chiang Mai Boutique Hotels doesn’t come with laundry service, so the next best thing is auto-wash shops. There is a nearby spot for clothes washing along a quieter road.

A smiling lady and a signboard offering 40Baht/kg will guide you to a service that matches the warmth of your stay at Wealth Boutique.

What To Do:

  • Wat Chedi Luang: Discover intricate Lanna architecture, stunning murals, and historical significance at this revered temple complex. (8-minute walk)
  • Tha Phae Gate: Immerse yourself in the city’s ancient history at this iconic gate marking the Old City’s western entrance. (8-minute walk)
  • Sunday Night Market: Explore a vibrant night market filled with handcrafted souvenirs, street food, and lively performances. (10-minute walk)
  • Night Bazaar: Browse countless stalls selling everything from clothing and souvenirs to local crafts and delicious snacks. (7-minute walk)

Old Town Chiangmai Boutique Hotels

Bodhi Serene Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

Just as the Wealth Boutique Hotel claimed a special place on my list for its charming location in Chiang Mai Old Town, Bodhi Boutique Hotel beckons as a haven of exclusivity.

Nestled amidst the vibrant city, Bodhi Serene is more than a boutique hotel; it’s a stunning and creative Zen masterpiece that promises an escape into tranquility. 

All the rooms have a private balcony overlooking the central courtyard, a visual feast for the senses, are enhanced by the quietude of a shady tree garden and waterfalls, creating a perfect setting for complete relaxation.

While the hotel’s design leans towards timeless elegance rather than modernity, it exudes a unique charm that makes you feel like you are alone in a tropical garden settings.

To explore the old town at your own pace, there is the added perk of renting a bicycle right at the hotel. Some of you may dislike the strong smell of chlorine in a standard hotel’s swimming pool.

Bodhi Serene’s pool and poolside bar are non-chlorinated, making it perfect for lunch, light snacks or reading by the swimming pool.  

As a boutique gem, Bodhi Serene offers a limited number of rooms at its New Wing (only 12), making each one a coveted retreat.

Just as Kate And Hasu Boutique hotel stands out for its budget-friendly charm in Chiang Mai old city, Bodhi Serene holds its place as one of Chiang Mai’s best hotels, offering genuine serenity and value that transcends the ordinary.

Bodhi Serene offers a tranquil haven with top amenities:

  • Peaceful retreat: Despite its central location, Bodhi Serene offers a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.
  • Central location: Enjoy easy access to Tha Pae Gate, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, and other renowned attractions, all within walking distance.
  • Outdoor pool: Unwind in the refreshing outdoor pool surrounded by manicured gardens and waterfalls.
  • Spacious rooms: Each room features a private balcony with an unparalleled view of the central courtyard and its tropical garden.
  • Unique blend of styles: The hotel exudes a charming fusion of northern Thai architecture and Chinese influences, creating a distinct and beautiful ambiance.

Kate And Hasu Boutique Chiang Mai

The Kate and Hasu boutique hotel is on a quiet street, offering plenty moments of peaceful bliss. The room is not big but pretty cozy and clean.

What set my stay apart was the versatility of the room’s clean and comfortable bed and daily bottles of water replacement in the fridge.

The hotel’s meticulous attention to guest preferences was evident from the start, requesting for your breakfast order the night before, so you know what you will be getting in the morning. 

Unlike many boutique hotels in Chiang Mai, this hidden gem stands out with its cute pool area, where I savored breakfast and indulged in moments of pure relaxation. The location is also perfect, just a few steps away to the old town.

A charming coffee shop with great Latte for just 80 Baht, just around the corner in one direction and a handy laundry shop a couple of doors down in the other. 

It’s also pretty safe to go out at night and the staff are always on the look out for you. Always greeting you with a smile and super helpful as well. 

The Kate And Hasu Boutique Hotel is a short walking distance to:

  • Tha Phae Gate, an iconic entry into Chiang Mai’s ancient city walls, beckons with rich history and cultural allure.(7-minute walk)
  • Warorot Market, or Kad Luang, is not just a market; it’s a vibrant Chiang Mai attraction, renowned as the largest and most iconic in northern Thailand.(15-minute walk)
  • Explore the lively spectacle of Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, where the night comes alive with vendors showcasing souvenirs, clothing and tantalizing local delicacies.(11-minute walk)

Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

The Lanna Colonial-style Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel & Spa is conveniently located near Chiang Mai city’s top attractions. Located near the Ping River, this property is more like a up-market boutique resort.

If money is not an issue then this cool hotel provide an amazing experience from airport pick up in an old classic Mercedes Benz to on-site traditional massage and spa services.

They have a tiny restaurant with a terrace that faces the pool, and if you’re hungry, you can check out their room service menu, so don’t hesitate to place your order!

Even though staying at Ping Nakara Boutique hotel costs twice as much as at Empress Premier luxury hotel, it looks and feels incredibly elegant and offers a pretty tranquil garden view.

Boutique Hotel With Private Lanna Hot tub

Rainforest Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

boutique hotel chiang mai

Rainforest Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai had long been a dream on my travel bucket list and finally, I found myself stepping into its Northern Thai traditional embrace.

The allure began a year ago, with a drink at the tiered swimming pool in 2023, and the desire to stay lingered until my recent trip with my partner – an experience that now holds a deeply personal significance.

The mornings at Rainforest Boutique are a serene affair, where a lovely breakfast at its Hugh restaurant becomes a haven for starting the day just right.

Evenings unfold with the charm of the library bar, where each cocktail is a sip of relaxation amidst the enchanting alfresco atmosphere.

This boutique escape, nestled amid the lush greenery of Chiang Mai, provides a perfect retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Beyond the comfortable accommodations, the hotel offers a spacious private bungalow with private Lanna hot tub at its Coco Wing, adding a touch of luxury to the natural allure.

Rainforest Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai isn’t just a stay; it’s an immersive journey into tranquility, earning Agoda’s Golden Circle Award and TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice. 

What To Do:

  • Discover the tranquil beauty of Wat Pha Lat Temple, a 14th-century complex adorned with ancient ruins.(10-minute drive)
  • Uncover the mesmerizing charm of Wat Sri Suphan,, a temple adorned with intricate silverwork and steeped in spiritual tranquility. (17-minutes drive)
  • Embark on the Mae Ping Riverside tour, whether by a picturesque boat ride or talk a stroll on the iconic river of Chiang Mai. (8-minute drive)
  • Ascend the Bua Tong Sticky Waterfalls, scaling limestone rocks barefoot for a unique experience (1-hour drive)

Riverside Boutique Hotel

Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai stood out as a beacon of exceptional reviews during my quest for a boutique hotel near the renown Ping River, reminiscent of my experience at the Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel And Spa.

Much like Ping Nakara, Aruntara took the extra step to make my stay unforgettable, displaying a keen understanding of my preferences even before my arrival.

A heartfelt note with my breakfast, a gesture that I still treasure, exemplified their commitment to creating a personalized experience.

Arriving late at night from Bangkok, I was pleasantly surprised by their dedication to ensuring I didn’t go to bed hungry, a small yet thoughtful northern Thai hospitality.

Situated by the serene riverbanks, my spacious and luxurious Elephant Suite room offered a picturesque view with cute little balcony. Their signature Four Elements Massage offers a ton of package from traditional to oil therapy.

Just as Ping Nakara holds a special place for its beautiful and sleak rooms, Aruntara stands as a riverside retreat that resonates with those seeking thoughtful hospitality and super relaxation. 

Where To Go:

  • Warorot Market: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this local market, offering fresh produce, local delicacies, and diverse souvenirs. (9-minute drive)
  • Tha Phae Gate: Wander through this iconic gate marking the Old City’s western entrance and delve into its historical significance. (8-minute drive)
  • Night Bazaar: Browse countless stalls selling everything from clothing and souvenirs to local crafts and delicious snacks. (6-minute drive)

Mountainside Boutique Hotels

Family House Zen Boutique Resort

Family House Zen Boutique Resort in Pai is pretty much like chalets with a terrace amidst peaceful surroundings. Free from all the noise and yet walking distance to F&B, Pai Walking Street and 300m from the bus station.

Super attentive staffs to help with all your needs. Rooms are kept fresh when you arrive from the winding road trip.

The rooms doesn’t look fancy but importantly, beds are always kept clean and comfortable. Room size is suitable for couples while it’s a bit cramp for 3 persons.

Pai District is about 80km from Chiang Mai with a laid back vibe. A relaxing mountain paradise as well as a chill out village at night.

How To Get There:

This quant mountain precinct is great for solo, couples and backpackers depending on the season. With most of the attractions outside of town, the most popular ways of getting around Pai is by renting a scooter.

I don’t recommend doing that in Chiang Mai city, but not much an issue here, just ensure your rental bike is insured and in good condition.

If you wish to check out Family House Zen Boutique Resort in Pai, there are tons of minivan transfer from Chiang Mai city. The journey takes about three and a half hours.

There are only 3 ways to visit Pai. By daily minibus, private and rental vehicles including bikes. Bring along motion sickness pills for those not use to winding roads on the trip.

Where To Eat:

Phu Phop Kham

Boutique hotel in Chiang Mai

Located high up in the mountain of Doi Chang, Phu Phop Kham is the ideal boutique hotel for you to stay if you love mountains, experience a sea of floating misty cloud, and feel the freshest of air in a hot tub.

The resort is located along the summit of Doi Chang. With only a few villas for guests to stay, it’s super private and the best part is you are able to observe the expansive mountain without any obstructions.

Enroute to the boutique hotel along the mountainous road, you can stop at a number of different coffee café. Each of them offers breathtaking views of Doi Chang’s stunning valley and mountain range.

Phu Phop Kham can only be reached by only two ways. Either book a SUV/Minivan transfer or self drive. It’s much cheaper that you book a rental car in Chiang Mai and drive up as the road at Doi Chang is pretty easy.  

Most  of the boutique hotels at Doi Chang mountain only have 4 – 6 villas, so you need to book ahead of your vacation plans especially on peak seasons.

Initially, when we booked Phop Kham a few years ago, it was not listed with any leading hotel booking platform, only via their Facebook page. Now booking can be done on Agoda online booking platform.


The most affordable and safest way is by taxis. Upon clearing arrival, proceed to Chiang Mai Airport Taxi or Taxi Meter service booths.

Both of the operators offer same fixed price (150 Baht) to city and outer ring area. Payment will be made directly to the driver upon reaching your destination.

To avoid inconvenient and a smooth ride, ensure you have some loose change in hand like a couple of hundred Baht.

You need to download the Grab and Foodpanda apps available at Google or iOS app stores

Grabtaxi is available on the same Grab food app. You can pay the driver in Thai Baht. 

Best Taxi Chiang Mai offer taxi service booking direct from Watsapp. Response and service was fast and efficient.

Sadamnern Liquor Store has a wide range of Liquor and the price is reasonable. Best thing is, price tag is pasted on bottle, so it's a honest deal. Google for opening time.


Address: 46/4, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

There are tons of 7-Eleven stores but the cheaper option is to get them at Mini Mart such as Big C which has plenty of outlets as well.

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