The Best Parks To Go Camping In The Fall

So why camping is good for you?


Camping is an adventure that you can enjoy around the year. There is no specific time to go for it, rather every season can be the right time if you plan it right.

The 2020 North American Camping Report found that 48.2 million families said they went camping at least once in 2020. One may question what’s the appeal of the wilderness that is seeing the rise of campers?

Camping is good for you since it foster relationships, allows you to disconnect from electronics, re-connect with nature, reduces stress and offers a host of other advantages.

If you are a camper who had missed nature’s dynamism over the last few years, now is a great time to plan a camping trip with your family, as a couple getaway, friends and love ones.

Why Camping Is Great In The Fall?

Many new campers, however, avoid the autumn season while pursuing their camping plans, but it can be a glorious way to catch the last throes of warm weather and avoid the crowds at campgrounds.

During the autumn season, you can discover the landscape in a new way as the trees and pathways you know and love from the summer change into a palette of gold and orange during the fall.

As an avid camper, you should try camping at least once during the autumn season! It won’t be as favorable as during the summer months. 

On the flip side, you can savor visiting nearby lakes, rivers and especially at campsites longer with lesser crowd. Autumn is a gorgeous season and camping is quite a satisfying experience.

Most importantly, if you have the right camping essentials, nothing can thwart you from making the best out of this experience.

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While planning your next camping escapade, you need to be sure of the best campsite that you can go and how you will pack for it. Here’re my top campgrounds to go camping during autumn.

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Limekiln State park, California

Captivating Waterfalls

If you love National Parks, visiting Limekiln State Park campsite is a great idea during this fall.

The best campgrounds can be found close to the renowned Big Sur coastline, and the scenery is simply breathtaking!

There are 29 campsites in the park, some of them are near the shore and others are in the Limekiln Creek woods.

The campgrounds features a table, a fire ring and a parking area with camping essentials such as camping stores, restrooms and showers. 

With a combination of inspiring redwood forest and beach coastline to explore, this campsite is definitely my preferred camping getaway of choice.

Over 700 acres of the park offers tranquility, spectacular waterfall and stunning views of the Monterey Bay National Marine Reserve.

I would recommend that you take up a camping spot at the ocean site with captivating view of the Pacific Ocean or Upper Creek site which is close to the Limekiln Creek Falls trail.

To reach a grove of some of the biggest and oldest redwood trees in Monterey County, the Hare Creek Trail takes you along a path of total bliss and peacefulness.

The Kilns beaten path takes you to to the four historic limekilns by traversing the West Fork of Limekiln Creek. Here’re some of the best activities to pursue while camping in Limekiln State Park.

  • Falls Trail Waterfall
  • Hike at Hare Creek
  • River crossing
  • Access to Big Slur beach
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The Great Smoky Mountains

Scenic Hike

@gavinhikes Great Smoky Mountains National Park! There’s a TON to do in this park! #tennessee #greatsmokymountains #nature #hiking #fyp ♬ Mikrokosmos – Smyang Piano

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is another fantastic location to go when organizing a camping trip particularly during the fall season.

One of the most beautiful views in the smoky mountains could be seen from the Gazebo at the Applebarn, which looks out over the gorgeous Little Pigeon River.

There are many amazing campsite options available in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but few surpass camping at the Cades Cove Campground.

At Cades Cove, RV and tent camping are both common. You don’t have to be concerned about running out of food or beverages because the camp’s store is always open.

Cades Cove camping during the autumn season comes with its own charm! It’s an ideal camping location to go exploring the wildlife in the early morning.

The camp ground is pretty close to Cades Cove loop and wild bears can be spotted in many instances in and around the camp site.

The B loop is one of the best camping near Cades Cove with a pretty tranquil and shady camp site. 

While you are camping in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, here’re some awesome places to include and explore.

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Elk Country, Pennsylvania

Pet Friendly

camping in Tennessee

Planning a camping trip to Pennsylvania is fun if you enjoy steep terrain. It feels majestic and looks amazing during the fall seasons for adventure lovers. 

The cherry on top is the fact that it’s a pet-friendly destination. So, if you want to take your furry companion to chase those falling autumn leaves, you surely can! 

Treehouse camping in Pennsylvania is quite famous. Apart from enjoying camping and being one with nature, you can also reward yourself with the fantastic boat riding activities.  

If you prefer a well-maintain campsite with full amenities then Elks Country Campground is what you are looking for. Their tent camping site is more like a resort with friendly and welcoming hosts.

This campsite is great for family with kids as they can wade and fish in the creek. The area is frequently visited by Elk and they can be seen all day and night. 

Best thing to do at Elk Country Campground is to just relax and enjoy the peacefulness on it’s spacious site or go on water and hiking trails.

Camping meals and beverages are available on a short walk to Driftwood Saloon & Grill and Sinnemahoning Tavern. 


Camping in autumn requires you to be extra vigilant regarding packing. As it's going to be a little colder, you need to take appropriate steps to stay warm no matter what the weather forecast.


The preparations for autumn camping are a bit extensive as you need to be cautious of the weather. As it is the time when the winter is arriving, and the temperature is a bit lower than usual, you have to be sure of the extra warmth you will be carrying with you!

Choosing the right sleeping bag will surely make your camping trip quite comfortable. The bag you choose should be well insulated, and when the nights get too cold, it should give you the much-needed warmth.


The material used are 100% waterproof and moisture resistant. This way, even if it rains unexpectedly, you will remain safe from the elements.

One thing that is for sure during the autumn season is sudden rain and an increase in moisture in the air. It might end up drenching you up completely, not letting you sleep or cook in peace. This is when a tarpaulin comes in handy.


Tarpaulin is a water-resistant piece of cloth that you can hang between two trees at your campsite, so it can keep you dry under it. It gives you the much-needed shelter from the downpour.

It is obviously going to be quite cold when you set out for the camping trip. Hence, you need to pack with you the clothes that keep you warm. 


However, it’s important to select the quality of your clothes over the quantity as carrying around a heavy backpack is impossible when camping for an extensive period.


Undergarments made out of Merino Wool are great for camping as they can provide a warm base layer even if it's chilly.

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