7 Top Barcelona Flea And Food Markets To Visit

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Before choosing which market to visit in Barcelona, you need to do some research especially on which day they are open.

You’ll be in for a treat with everything from delicious street food and flea markets with endless shops to food kiosks, DJs and local buskers performances.

So which are the best Barcelona market to visit. Your vacation destination to Barcelona can pretty well be a foodie paradise if you include these most famous markets in your travel itinerary.

Here’re our top 7 Barcelona markets to visit while you are planning your vacation in Spain.

1. Mercat Del Encants Flea Market

Els Encants is one of Spain’s largest flea market with over 500 stalls – not counting the illegal ones. As with most markets in Barcelona, Saturday is the best day to visit.

The flea market is an oasis in Barcelona with aged and outdated toys, gadgets and everything else that you might have thought had been forgotten as time gone by.

In the shops and stalls you’ll find everything from appliances to clothing to toys and cell phones. One of the interesting things here is that you can haggle for the best price.

This is likely to become one of your favorite vacation places in Barcelona if you’re seeking for something totally unique or odd.

I would recommend you check out Old Jamal Unique objects and antiques shop. Antic Jamal offers a wide variety of miniature and antique items for sale.

Pretty easy to bring it back home as souvenirs or gifts for friends and family in your hand-carry rather than your check-in luggage to prevent breakage.

The oldest written records of the Els Encants market in Barcelona dated back to the 14th century, revealing that it has a pretty long history. Most of the market stalls have been traditionally passed down from grandparents, parents, and to children within one family over many decades.

2. Flea Market Fira De Nautumismo

Every Sunday in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter along Placa Reial, local collectors will parade their collectables of foreign coins and postage stamps along with crafts, vintage jewelry and other handcrafted stuff. 

You’ll be hooked on looking through old coins, bills, and stamps as well as various collections of champagne bottles, coasters and even candy sachets.

In fact, it might be better described as an exhibition than a market. There are more than 60 booths, and some items could fetch thousands of dollars. Only cash transaction available here.

The best time to visit this flea market in Barcelona is at closing time, whereby the old folks in the neighborhood will pull out their exquisite antiques and vintage jewelry. You can get a good deal for souvenirs to bring back home. 

Plaça Reial, 08002 Barcelona
Opening Hours

10am - 2.30pm
How to get there

3. Mercado De La Boqueria

Since 1840, Mercado de la Boqueria, Barcelona vibrant market is the mother of all food markets. Located in the center of La Rambia (stretching 1.2 km), you can stroll along the treelined pedestrians  walkway. 

Every day at 8 am, the most famous market in Barcelona opens without fail, making it pretty ideal to begin exploring this bustling locality in the morning.

The busy food kiosks and small eateries provides a wonderful experience for visitors. The thing is that the food market gets teeming with tourists around 11am and I would recommend you proceed as early as possible. 

It’s also a good idea to go in the evening as well. Typically, the last orders are placed before 8.30 pm at all the eateries and taverns.

Prices at the front of the market are often higher than those at the back because those sellers pay greater rent. Best is to compare prices before making any purchase.

The well-known acorn-fed Spanish ham, Jamón Ibérico, is rather pricey, but you can get it for considerably less at one of the takeout kiosk.

One of Barcelona’s oldest markets, Mercado de La Boqueria was officially opened in the year 1827. The whole setup was re-designed by architect Mas Vilá in the year 1840 and has since become a significant landmark in the city.

Rambla, 91, 08001 Barcelona
Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday

8am - 8.30pm
How to get there

4. Sant Antoni Market

Sant Antoni market has all the activities of the renowned Boquera Market in Barcelona, but without the tourists because there’re no Gaudi architectural attractions nearby.

Without the usual flock of tourists, this exceptional Barcelona market had already attracted young hipsters as well as one of the regular places for couples to go hang out for its chic eateries, Tapas and Bistro bars.

It’s impossible not to notice this gigantic steel structure from 1882. It covers an entire city block. Look up closely and you will notice the coat of arms of Barcelona with a crest of a bat originated from the Middle Ages.

This unique and original food market offers the freshest produce, quality meats, snacks, shoes and all kinds of clothing. It reopened in May 2018 after nearly a decade of renovations.

You’ll find reasonably priced items that are interesting to shop rather than high-end brands or stuff. At the food market, Casa Sendra sells the finest ham and cold cuts in Barcelona.

Since 1882, the Masclans family’s stand in Sant Antoni has been known for its salted cod and a must try for visitors.

On Sundays, there is an area at the Sant Antoni market where you can find classic books, vinyl, stamps, comics and coins. Additionally, there is a Sunday flea market with garments with bargains.

Soon after the market’s opening (1882), local cloth sellers began setting up tables outside under the structure’s massive steel pergola. After the market was renovated, the garment stalls, also known as Encants, were relocated inside, with food vendors taking up the center of the structure.

Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, 08011 Barcelona
Opening Hours (Food Stalls)
Monday - Saturday

8am - 8pm
Opening Hours (Garments & other stuff)
Open daily except Tuesday/Sunday

10am - 8.30pm
Opening Hours (Flea market)
Open Sunday

8.30am - 2pm
How to get there

5. Mercat De La Concepcio

A visit to this renowned food market in Barcelona is worthwhile because of its impressive design and stunning illustration of Catalan architecture using steel.

The market was built in 1888 and rebuilt again to give it a fresher look in 1998. Today Mercat De La Concepcio is still famous for fresh produce and its professional fresh flower services.

There are more than 365 flower shops which has been delighting Barcelona flower lovers since Gaudi first set foot on the premises.

Flowers for any occasion including wreaths and bouquets as well as indoor plants, seeds and more. The Catalan iron, which peaked in the 17th and 18th centuries is where the creative history of iron in Catalonia began.

The high quality of Catalan iron and the skill of blacksmiths enabled the development of the steel industry, which in turn sparked the growth of local businesses producing things like keys, fences, door handles, swords, etc.

Carrer Aragó, 313-317 08009 Barcelona
Opening Hours

8am - 3pm
Tuesday - Friday

8am - 8pm

8am - 3pm

Flower market : open 24 hours everyday
How to get there

6. Mercat De Santa Caterina

barcelona market

A multicolored, undulating shell-shaped roof made of 325,000 ceramic tiles that was recently added is particularly remarkable when viewed from the nearby Plaza Catedral.

There are more than 100 stalls providing everything your appetite would like, including fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, candies, and pastries.

Additionally, there is a grocery, a number of bars and cafes. The popular Cuines Santa Caterina is one of Barcelona’s top dining establishments. (Asian-Mediterranean fusion)

Added benefits in the area? Next door at the Grand Central Hotel is one of my favorite rooftop bars. This most historic market in Barcelona has the privilege of being the first covered market since 1848.

Previously known as Las Carretillas Square. In the 1940s, during the post-World War II era, it served as the population’s distribution hub and the starting and ending point for trams that ran between Calle de Trafalgar and Ronda de Sant Pere.

Av. de Francesc Cambó, 16, 08003 Barcelona
Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

7.30am - 3.30pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

7.30am - 8.30pm


7. Palo Alto Market

Palo Alto market in Barcelona is one of the best markets in terms of creativity and artistic. The market is more well-known for its festivals (Palo Market Fest)

In 1989, Palo Alto served as a location for the creation of works in the fields of photography, design, architecture, painting, sculpture, and other craft projects.

The street market is the perfect place to browse and buy fun second-hand and vintage items, listen to live music and DJs, sample a variety of takeaways from the many food trucks with gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Among other things, it is a new platform for artists, designers and photographers from Barcelona to show off their work to the world. If ever Barcelona created a market fest for young people, this is it.

Visitors from all over the world as well as Spaniards are welcome in Palo market fest, a healthy area with events for all audiences and connections to local groups.

The Palo Alto market is open the first weekend of every month except August.

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