11 Affordable Bali Restaurants You Have To Try In Kuta

Whether it’s the air of the bustling streets of Kuta main shopping and dining district, Bali’s restaurants and cafes will keep you coming back. So when it comes to Bali’s famous food, we’re all into it.

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When on vacation, it’s really easy to get distracted by the amazing scenery and the vibrant culture. There are also other things that might interest you until your taste bud comes calling.

Kuta is really a melting pot of various flavors and there are truly something for everyone in Bali colorful playground in terms of local food and cuisine. Thankfully, there are a variety of price range to choose from, so visiting tourist spots does not have to be expensive.

Quite a few of these restaurants are located in the area around Kuta. Take a break from the busyness of your holiday trip and discover quaint cafés and restaurants in Bali that most people overlooked.

Bali has tons of cafes and restaurants that serve delicious local food. I have listed out the 11 best cafe and restaurants in Bali that you should visit while in Kuta including tips, maps and reviews.

  • Shinta Warung
  • Tony the Fat
  • Johnny Tacos
  • Ma Joly
  • Benih Café
  • Rosso Vivo Dine & Lounge
  • Nebula
  • Sushi Tei
  • Made’s Warung
  • Crumb & Coaster
  • Warung Indonesia

1. Shinta Warung

best restaurant in bali

Put Warung Shinta on your list if you want to sample more traditional Indonesian cuisine (‘warung’ means ‘shop’ or ‘restaurant’ in local language).

Original Indonesian recipes are used to create authentic Indonesian cuisine. Fans rave about the chargrilled satay sticks, excellent stir-fried vegetables, spring rolls, and nasi goreng-style rice.

Bottom line:

  • Freshness is ensured since spices are pounded daily and the local market’s freshest ingredients are used.
  • The local staff is pleasant, the ambiance is upbeat, and the bill at the end of the dinner is more than fair.

2. Tony the Fat

It may not be the most refined meal you have on vacation but if it’s a burger you’re craving then Fat Tony may be just what the doctor order.

Offering a selection of beef burgers, chicken burgers, wraps, hot dogs and vegetarian options, this is a great place for a quick bite on the go.

Bottom line:

  • If you have a big appetite, this place won’t disappoint. The portions are huge.

3. Johnny Tacos Restaurant, Bar & Pub

cafe bali

Tacos and Mexican food goes well with Bali’s open kitchen settings. Great place for meals washed down with an ice-cold beer or beverage.

With its fresh and delicious tacos, this food stall-style offering keeps surfers and sunbathers fueled. Johnny Tacos also serves delicious guacamole chips and fantastic margaritas.

4. Ma Joly

This is a wonderful beachside location for a special occasion if you’re looking for exquisite dining (or perhaps just a few cocktails at the bar).

Ma Joly, which is located in the tranquil resort neighborhood of Tuban at the southern end of the beach has become something of a Kuta tradition.

For a really romantic experience, the restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor eating choices as well as a variety of private dining pergolas. The sunset view from here is breathtaking.

  • Temporary ‘CLOSED’, check with their website page for details.

5. Benih Cafe

restaurant bali

Benih Café which is a short walk from the beach, serves superb pancakes and eggs Benedict. This Café is a fantastic breakfast choice for Vegans.

If your holiday eating is getting out of hand, you may pick between one of their towering burgers to keep you going throughout the day. They have great coffee,  juices and smoothies as well.

  • Temporary ‘CLOSED’, check with their Facebook page for details.

6. Rosso Vivo Dine & Lounge


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Rosso Vivo has been serving excellent Italian cuisine in an indoor and outdoor setting since 2006.

While watching the world go by, you may have an antipasto plate, clam spaghetti or their famous seafood pizza under the unique red umbrellas.

They also offer a fantastic take on chicken parmigiana.

Bottom line:

  • Rosso Vivo is a wonderful place for drinks at the end of the day since there’s always a DJ spinning songs at sunset.

7. Nebula

restaurant bali
Nebula is a renowned restaurant in Bali for a laid-back ambiance in the heart of Kuta

Nebula is a popular destination for travelers looking for a very chill atmosphere in the center of Kuta. There are a lot of nutritious choices here and it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Thai chicken laksa, mee goreng and chicken satay are examples of well-executed Asian flavors.

Bottom line:

  • Nebula also has some great pastas if you want to go European style meal.
  • Temporary ‘CLOSED’, check with their Facebook page for details.

8. Sushi Tei

best restaurant in bali
Sushi Tei has tons of locations across Indonesia.

Sushi Tei, which has locations all around Bali and is a great place to go for fresh Japanese flavors. Choose from a delectable menu of fresh sushi, tempura, ramen and other traditional Japanese dishes.

Bottom line:

  • The restaurant chain has implemented excellent culinary standards, so you can be certain that you will not acquire the infamous Bali belly.

Best restaurant in Bali, Seminyak

9. Made’s Warung


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This is one of Kuta’s oldest eateries with roots in a typical roadside warung.

There’s a reason Made’s Warung has survived the test of time: with a diverse menu that includes both local and foreign food and there’s something for everyone.

Bottom line:

  • The meals are all well prepared including fresh seafood dishes, fiery beef rendang and the traditional Indonesian classic gado gado.

10. Crumb & Coaster

The difficulty of obtaining excellent coffee is a frequent concern among travelers. Crumb and Coaster are here to save the day.

A visit to this famous restaurant which is part of many Kuta visitors’ morning routine, offers great coffee as well as substantial breakfast/brunch platters to fuel you throughout the day.

Bottom line:

  • Corn fritters as well as the healthy yoga bowl and smoothie bowl are popular choices. In the evening, you can also have supper and drinks here.

If you’re in a hurry...

11. Warung Kampung Indonesia

Do you want some satay at night? Look no further than Warung Indonesia, a long-standing Kuta institution (and a place where a lot of locals eat).

It’s a wonderful place to sample genuine Indonesian flavors only steps away from the beach.

There are many vegetarian and vegan choices available, and although the décor isn’t very upscale, the pleasant service is great.

The price is the true clincher – it’s hard to beat. You may also order from the buffet for a fast lunch to go if you’re in a rush. (They can be found at Jl Popies II Gg Ronta, Kuta).

The stunningly beautiful beaches and warm sunny climate of Bali makes it a must-visit destination for travelers. But there is so much more to Bali than just beauty.

Bali also has an abundance of outstanding restaurants and cafes to explore. Visitors to Bali might like to try and find out where the best restaurants and cafes are, to make the most out of their vacation time.

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